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How to Get a Sloth Glider in ArcheAge of Your Very Own

--An article from an archeage player about some experience in getting a sloth glider

Recently, a new Sloth Glider and a new Mirage Bjorne Mount came into ArcheAge. Both of which are so cute to attract my attention, especially the sloth glider. I believe it must also be your taste!

If you are lucky enough to get a Sloth Glider of your very own, you can also get a sloth companion, then how can we get a Sloth Glider? I will share some experience with you.

In general, there are 3 ways to get one of your own. From the Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest in marketplace, from the Loyalty Store, from the ArcheAge Screenshot Contest of PTS.

ArcheAge Sloth Glider/ MmoGah.com


  • The Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest has a chance to contain it, maybe with a low probability. That means, even if you pay for it, the result is all depends. Certainly, this chest will also have a chance to drop one high-tier Feast Table, which is a buff food for a 10-people group.

  • The Sloth Glider is also a new Loyalty Store Item, which you can get with 350 Loyalty Tokens. If you have enough Tokens, it’s really a piece of cake!

  • If you wouldn’t like to spend your money, or don’t have enough Loyalty Tokens, or unluckily, you paid for the Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest but didn’t get one, then do not feel upset, I will tell you another method.

    Have you heard about the ArcheAge Screenshot Contest?

    Top ten winners of this contest will each receive a Sloth Glider for his account. The sloth slider is available on PTS, you can get one directly by entering the phrase “send me a sloth fluffy” into chat and the auto robot fluffy will return you with this cute slider.

    Capture a screenshot from ArcheAge involving the Sloth Glider on your Public Test Server and post your entry as an attachment or a linked image on the following official archeage forum as a reply to
    this thread.

    This contest will last to January 25 at 11:59 PM PDT (GMT-8), take your time to participate this event and be the top ten winners, everything is possible.

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