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How to Customize Your Ship after Dread Prophecies for ArcheAge

How to Customize Your Ship after Dread Prophecies for ArcheAge

Dread Prophecies was released on April 28th for ArcheAge, which brought lots of changes in-game and a more challenging life at sea for players. A series of updates have come to archeage, you can explore the new zones of Golden Ruins and Mistmerrow, or you can customize your ship for a fierce naval combat. Then How to Customize Your Ship after Dread Prophecies for ArcheAge? There are some tips in the following.

Where Is the Interface

Players who own a vessel could see a new button on ship window, which provides access to the new Dread Prophecies ship customization system. When players open it, they can see the diagram of their ship and all the slots for your custom components. Through this interface you can see the ship type, basic stats, the type and amount of custom components that you can place.

Custom Components

You can tailor your ship into a powerful destroyer or a speedy trader, everything depends on your taste. You can increase the ability of your ship by choosing different custom components: armaments, sails, masts, navigation and so on.

      ●   Armaments: Armor, Harpoons and Cannons.

      ●   Sails: Foresails, Mainsails that can improve speed and turning ability.

      ●   Masts: Used to support sails and improve ship’s durability.

      ●   Steering Gear: Used to improve ship’s turning speed.

      ●   Navigation: Telescopes, Compasses, Sonar and so on.

      ●   Lighting: Lanterns, Shroudlights that used for detection.

      ●   Figureheads: Mounted on the front of the ship to provide unique ability.

      ●   Storage: Trade Pack Containers, plus an Explosive Workbench used to mid-sea ammunition crafting.

      ●   Boarding Equipment: Boarding Planks used to prevent enemy.

Place for Customization

      ●   Austera (Harani and Firran)

      ●   Ezna (Nuians and Elves)

      ●   Growlgate (Pirates)

      ●   Diamond Shores (All Factions)

Regrade Custom Components

You should use Ship Component Scroll to regrade your components. You can find it from:

      ●   Ocean-dwelling creatures

      ●   Shipwreck scavenging

      ●   Specific quests

But it’s different from Armors or Weapons Regrade:

      ●   During the regrade process, a component either increases in grade or is destroyed.

      ●   A higher-tier component could increase stat but also increase the weight of your ship.

      ●   The more weight, the less speed! A ship that is over-burdened would probably sink.

ArcheAge Ship Customization

ArcheAge Dread Prophecies

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