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How to Choose a Reliable Site to Buy Safe ArcheAge Gold

John Ryan November 14th, 2014 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

TAG: safe archeage gold site

When you search for "archeage gold" or” buy archeage gold” at Google, lots of results will appear on your eyes, such as” example1.com” ,”example2.com” or" www.mmogah.com", then how to distinguish a legit, reliable site from a scam one is really really important for you, you must want not your money getting scammed!

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  • Check out Google reviews of the site

When you choose a candidate, you should certainly search for its google reviews before finally paying for your ArcheAge Gold. Those with good reviews such as “safe and fast delivery”, “ a trusted site” are legit ones, however, if you see reviews such as “ they scammed”, “ didn’t refund me”, are you still going on to buy from them? Certainly you won’t!

  • Compare their prices

The cheapest may not be the best, those with ridiculously low prices are often scammers, you should be on the alert, they may don’t cheat you at first time, second, but they will cheat you one day. MmoGah.com adjusts ArcheAge Gold prices in time according to the market, we always offer the most reasonable prices for you, what we think the most important is honesty, we may not be the cheapest, but we never scam.

  • Ask for their delivery method

As we know, Trion banned a lot of accounts on October 22nd, and removed lots of archeage gold as illicit gold, it proved that mail method is unsafe, face to face trade is more secure. We deliver Archeage gold face to face, or deposit to your Guild Bank, we can also buy items that you need off the Auction House and trade them with you instead of gold. If the seller mail the gold to you, please refuse, what they do is irresponsible.

Trust is for our each other, we hope you can understand that we need to confirm your ID info before delivering to you, especially when your order is a large amount, you will see our efforts on offering the best services, our 24/7 online support will always here to help you!

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