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How to Choose A Reliable Gold Seller to Safely Buy ArcheAge Gold without Getting Banned

John Ryan December 09th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

archeage gold

The topic of choosing a reliable gold seller to avoid account being banned is a serious issue to all of ArcheAge gold buyers. Any legit, trustworthy and professional gold seller has the same concern as those gold buyers on this issue. So buy ArcheAge gold, firstly you should find a reliable gold seller.

How to choose a reliable gold seller? How to buy ArcheAge gold without getting banned? How to get fast and smooth delivery when buying Archeage gold from gold seller?  Here you go. There are three things that you should pay more attention to. The first one is to choose a more secure trade method. Delivering gold via mail and face-to-face trade method are both not safe currently as our experience. The way of Auction House is considered as the safest ArcheAge gold trading method now. click the essay for more details about this safe gold trading method. How to Get Fast and Smooth Delivery When Buying ArcheAge Gold at Mmogah.

Second, Customer Service is also another crucial factor to find out a gold seller good or bad. Usually customer service is divided into three different phases.

  1. Customer consulting. The consulting between customers and customer reps before comsuption.  Professional gold selling stores provide professional and helpful consulting service and efficient contact methods  to their customers.

  2. Solving problem ability during trading. Reliable gold sellers will try their best to solve all kind problems from their customers and give good advice  to them in the mean time.

  3. Advanced gold compensation service. For example, at Mmogah if your ArcheAge gold bought from us unfortunately gets removed by Trion Worlds within 24 hours since your order is completed, we will try our best to compensate your loss (If more than half of the gold gets removed, the max amount that we can compensate is 1/10 of the gold that you buy from us). We promise that we will resent the removed gold amount that you bought from us to you as long as your case meets our ArcheAge gold compensation condition.  Check more information of the ArcheAge gold compensation statement.

Third, checking reputation, especially  reputation among gold buyers or  from independent third platforms such as Trustpilot. Here also take Mmogah as an example. Click here for more reviews.

archeage reviews

archeage reviews

Finding a trustworthy ArcheAge gold seller makes buying gold very safe and quick. If players who would like to buy ArcheAge gold or ArcheAge power leveling can read and check out this essay as a reference.

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