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How to Buy ArcheAge Gold after Secrets of Ayanad Level 55 Update

John Ryan April 23rd, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   


----- This is an article from one of our customers about experience of buying archeage gold


ArcheAge Level 55 has been released with the Secrets of Ayanad game update. Maybe you have already reached the goal of level 55, you must have been through a path that is filled with adventures after all the path to level 55 is long, winding and dangerous.

Forging your obsidian weapon is necessary for you to gain XP fast. But firstly, you need to find the salvaged version of a crafted illustrious weapon, collect all the materials that need, and certainly, enough archeage gold to build it. Before and after Secrets of Ayanad update, large numbers of archeage accounts had been permanently banned for participating illicit activities, also many normal players had saw their gold disappeared. Due to the severe ban wave by Trion Worlds, archeage gold market had a huge shock for quite a long time. There were too less gold in the market to meet the need of gold buyers, so most gold sellers couldn’t guarantee fast delivery. Even though the situation of the market turns better now, choosing the right way to buy gold is also important. Virtual currency is almost related to every in-game activity, buying archeage gold when you need can largely save your time and make you enjoy a better game. Then How to Buy Archeage Gold after Secrets of Ayanad Level 55 Update? You can follow my tips in the following if you are a gold buyer.

  • Choose the seller that uses Auction House trade method

Under the market circumstance now, only the AH trade method is relatively the more secure trade method than others. Even the face to face trade method is no longer safe. So, if the sellers are responsible they will deliver to you via Auction House.

  • Choose the seller that pays the AH Fee for you

ArcheAge Gold prices for all gold selling sites are in not too much difference. Almost all of them can offer you with coupon or bonus. So it’s better for you to choose the one that pays the AH Fee for you, in which way equals that you get 10% discount for your order.

  • Choose the seller that is owning a good reputation

Do not too much rely on the Gold Stock for the selling site, because most of them are illusive. The gold market turns better now but is still lack of gold, even if they claim that they have enough gold stock, they cannot deliver to you as fast as they say. So choosing a seller that is owning a good reputation so that when you wouldn’t like to wait anymore, they could refund you.


 How to Buy ArcheAge Gold after Level 55 Released

The first time I bought archeage gold from Mmogah was because that one of my guild friends recommended it to me. I have been here for many times not because it’s the cheapest but because it’s the most honest. I think if you are a gold buyer like me, you may concern more about security rather than price. When the market was normal before, they could complete my order within 5 mins, now even though transaction in the market is not as easy as before, Mmogah still guarantees that they can complete my order as fast as they can even if they pay for the highest price to collect my gold from suppliers, and all I should do is to keep contacting with them, in which way they can complete my transaction with the least time. The most important reason is that they will refund me immediately when something unexpected happens and I would not like to wait. So if you are a buyer like me, Mmogah is a good choice.


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