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Hot Items of Timber Coupe Longboards and Sexy Swimwear Come into ArcheAge

John Ryan Date: June 10th, 2015 Views: 12134 archeage archeage gold buy archeage gold mmogah


For the coming summer season, the game ArcheAge has updated two hot items, long skateboard and sexy swimwear. For those players who fancy x-game and drifting, the all-new timber coupe longboard is your great choice. The timber coupe longboard has unbeatable engine system, and four-wheel drive roadster is designed with peerless performance in mind. Besides, the Daru provides two types of longboards to upgrade speedy, lightweight transportation for the players who are adventurous thrill seekers in ArcheAge. It is super cool and awesome, isn’t it?


Moreover, Erennor’s car is no stranger to special tricks and maneuvers, this ultimate driving car has few upgraded changes:

  • It is equipped with a powerful up-hill speed booster.

  • A potent hand-crafted engine.

  • A barrel roll to navigate the most treacherous terrain.


If you are tired of exciting adventure activities or you are the players who do not like this kind of exciting x-games, taking a rest in the beach in sexy swimming suites would be a perfect choice. The ArcheAge’s marketplace has been updated with various swim set for all of the players, so enjoy them in the sun. See the new items in marketplace below:


Fun in the Sun Giftbox: very rare chance to get the Beach racer’s swimming suite or summer racer’s swimwear. Cost for 420 credits.

  • Players cannot buy or sell Beach racer’s swimwear and summer racer’s swimwear with ArcheAge gold in marketplace. They are untradeable.

  • Beach racer’s swimwear and summer racer’s swimwear have alternative appearances.

  • The tooltip for this item has an error, but Giftbox does not.


Leopard Tattoo Swimwear: the tattoo will appear when wearing this costume. Cost for 1,500 credits.

Cow Plushie Pet: A new bovine plushie pet is ready to accompany you on your travels in Erenor. Someone says it is a bit stinky, but we think that they are just being moody. Cost for 1,500 credits.

Pacifier: It is a pacifier plushie accessory that can only be worn by plushie pets. Cost for 500 credits.

Cdowbell: same as Pacifier that pacifier plushie accessory also can only be worn by plushie pets. Cost for only 500 credits too.

June Labor Bundle: Contains 5 worker’s compensation and 5 bound worker’s compensation. Players should notify that it is limited to one per account.

Female Swimwear: Designing for females only. Cost for 800 credits.

  • Naval Dots Swimwear

  • Bubblegum Swimset

  • Tropical Swimset

  • Lilypad Swimset

  • Panther’s Growl Swimset

Male Swimwear: Designing for males only. Cost for 800 credits.

  • Leopard’s roar swimset

  • Summer breeze ensemble





If players who like to enjoy sunshine and beach, the sexy swimwear is just the item that you cannot miss. Therefore, finding a legit ArcheAge gold selling site to stock some gold is the first thing that players need to do, and Mmogah is your reliable choice for purchasing ArcheAge gold.


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