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Get Rich in ArcheAge Avoid Your Trade Packs Being Stolen by Pirates

Trading packs is a preferred method to get rich in ArcheAge, how much it rewards depends mainly on two aspects, on the one hand is the transport distance, on the other hand it dues to how many packs are delivering to the same spot. As we all know, to complete the trade, you need to take a trading pack and transport it across the world, you have your choice of where to deliver the pack, but remember, the riskier and longer the route is, the more you will get at last. However, there are many pirates staring at your packs, they are addicted in stealing and much dangerous, so when you plan to deliver to a spot, just go through a practice run to make sure your trade will be secure.

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You’d better choose a spot that is far away and with few pack delivery, you can choose either your own home continent or a foreign one, just depends upon yourself, as regards to this, Freedom Island is a good choice for you, however, it’s covered with wars and pirates, you’d better go with a good crew so you can minimize the risks. As a professional player, you should be familiar with the war situation in each zone and find the appropriate spot for your trade, just go in right after the war begins to die down and the zone is about to recover peace.

Another good method is delivering trade packs to enemy zones, you will get more rewards but it is more dangerous and riskier, you can create a new character belongs to that faction and power leveling to 20, hand off the trade pack from your previous one to this new one and it’s easy for the new one to deliver on his alt. To do this, have both characters go to an out-of-the-way area that will be free from any prying eyes, make the first character drop his pack and log out, then log back in with the other character quickly to have him pick the pack back up, certainly, I can’t say that it’s without its own risk, just depend on yourself.

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