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Fast Upgrading Strategy Guide Shared by Professional Archeage Player

John Ryan Date: July 08th, 2015 Views: 8654 archeage archeage gold mmogah buy archeage gold


Generally the most important factor for rapidly leveling up is the allocation of classes on your team. In this game, two characters to level up as a group is the best choice for early upgrading. The two classes are usually a DPS and a Healer which would be a stable and perfect choice for clearing wild beasts efficiently and keeping safe during upgrading process.


Level 1 to Level 20: Players who are starters or within this range can just follow the tasks in game, and tasks contain lots of rewards such as wings, mounts and other basic items or services starter players needed.

Tips: Speed of upgrading in the beginning is relative fast, but beasts’ ATK (Attack) is not low, so players should try to doge damage skills from them and decrease death frequency.


Level 20 to level 35: Basically there are no any threatens from wild beasts to players whose levels are among this range in their own continent. Players still can continue to do daily tasks.

Tips: it’s not recommended to do the tasks of living skills in early stage except for the character is merchant or in very low level.


Level 35 to level 42: It is considered as the most frustrated period, because players have to do numerous tasks on rivals’ continent, so fights are not avoided.


l  Dogfights are not suggested. Players should focus on tasks first to get enough high level and better armors.

l  Players whose levels are between 30 and 40 might have high chances to be killed when they cross their own continent and land on rival’s continent. Therefore, it’s better that several players work as group doing each task together.

l  It is suggested that doing tasks when it is peace time.


Level 42 to Level 47: Try to upgrade characters with other players and try to avoid upgrading in slaughter period and zones.

Tips: During this period, fights will become more and more, so try to avoid wars not necessary.


Level 47 to Level 55: It is considered as a good time to update through clearing wild beasts. Players will gain 2% experience when kill a beast. So suppose that a player kill a hundred wild beasts, then how fast it would be for upgrading.


l  Try to choose close quarters battle beasts to kill.

l  Beasts’ levels are important too. It is better to kill the beasts with lower 3 to 4 levels than characters.


If players get some dungeon tasks during upgrading, it’s better to omit them decisively, because most dungeon tasks are relative hard in early stage in game of ArcheAge. Speaking of upgrading, gear is one of the most crucial factors, so change them immediately once aware if they are not good enough. Stock some ArcheAge gold for better gears which is also another efficient way to upgrade characters. Mmogah as a professional ArcheAge gold selling service has run the business for over 10 years, is a reliable and secure gold seller. If you have any demand of ArcheAge gold for building your characters’ gears or equipment, you can visit our website anytime.


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