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Fancy New Glider Upgraded in ArcheAge

John Ryan July 24th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

archeage glider

In this July, the dream of soaring through the sky above Erenor comes true. Here we are very happy to introduce the top-tier Gliders which is available now in marketplace and it gives a new progression path in ArcheAge world.


Specifically most of the valuable Gliders are in the format of high top speed, high gliding, moderate turning, and moderate initial speed. It is called HHMM format system in ArcheAge. And moreover, players are also allowed to change their Gliders from HHMM system to HHHH format system, to get a very high rating in one attribute with additional time and effort. Here we list the eligible Gliders, but players please be aware that some of the Gliders are belong to limited time promotions, and some of them may still not be available in the regions of NA and EU servers.





Corrupt Ally’s   Wings


Ezi’s Glider


Feathered Hope


Crimson Fae   Wings


Feathered Dragon   Glider


Lapis Fae Wings


Gilt Spiral   Glider


Legendary Dragon   Wings


Glass Phoenix   Glider


Loving Ally’s   Wings


Goblin Glider


Pure Ally’s   Wings


Moonshadow   Glider


Red Dragon   Glider


Sloth Glider   Companion


Thunderbolt   Glider


Squirrel Glider   Companion


Players will ask a general question that “I actually already had a Glider, so how do I awesomize my Glider?” And here we give the answer below. There are two main procedures totally for upgrading your present Gliders.


Procedure One: Enhanced Glider

l  Players should have one of the Gliders listed in above chart, a Carpentry Workbench and a small level of Machining Proficiency.

l  Players should update their base Glider to an Enhanced version first, and see the craft Glider Enhancement Tools in below:

100 Glowing Prisms

200 Gilda Dust

2 Thunderstruck Logs

1 Sunridge Ingot

50 Blue Salt Hammers


Procedure Two: Sealed Glider

If a player’s Glider has already upgraded into Enhanced format, and a higher level version requested by the player, then the Sealed Glider must be your need. Combine your Enhanced Glider with a Glider Manacharge Scroll, crafted at a printing Press. Requirement of materials:

20 Glowing Prisms

1 Blank Regrade Scroll

1 Prismatic Diamond

10 Blue Salt Hammers


According to ArcheAge official forum “Once the Sealed Glider is created, it can be unsealed to reveal if the glider was successfully upgraded to a version of the Glider that has unlocked a Very High rating in Top Speed, Gliding, Turning, or Initial Speed. “ For example, if players had unlocked the Top Speed mode, then the terminal form’s designation will be VHHHH. Players can never have more than one attribute at VH.


However players can also remove the enhanced format with a Glider Wingmaker Scroll, if the VH stat is not what players hope for. Similar as Armor and weapon, a Glider can be unsealed and reverted as many times as a player wish. So players why not to stock amount of ArcheAge gold for this awesome upgraded flaying machine? Mmogah as a professional ArcheAge gold seller has run the business for over 10 years, is a reliable and secure gold seller. If you have any demand of ArcheAge gold for building your characters’ gears or equipment, you can visit our website www.mmogah.com. Now a discount promotion activity of Archeage gold and Archeage power leveling service is ongoing, for more details please view the article "ArcheAge Gold Discount Coupon Is Available at Mmogah"

archeage glider

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