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  • Exclusive ArcheAge Gold Making Strategy Guide Two
    By John Ryan2015-09-11 00:00:00


    In the assay of “Exclusive ArcheAge Gold Making Strategy Guide One” we had talked about some tips of making ArcheAge gold from the activities that do not require any labor. Now in this guide, we will continue talking about the second part: the activities that require labor.


    Activities That Require Labor

    First Way: Trade Runs

    A Trade run is the activity of transporting a trade package to another location. As the rule, each zone has roughly 3 different tradepacks that players can craft. Players would get more ArcheAge gold, Gilda Stars or other resources if they craft the tradepacks from the further location.


    Accordingly there are three basic principles to remember when doing trade runs:

    1.       Players cannot sell any tradepacks to any vendor in the zone that players crafted the tradepack in.

    2.       Players can only sell a tradepack to a gold merchant on the continent that players crafted the tradepack on.

    3.       Players can only sell a tradepack to a resource merchant on the opposite continent to the one that players crafted the tradepack on.

    Here please see the below image for the trade runs exchange rewards, and for more details of how to make ArcheAge gold through the way of tradepack, please read our previous article “Choose A Right Trade Route to Easily Make ArcheAge Gold”.

     traderun reward.png

    Second Way: Pirating

    Pirating is considered as the other side of doing trade runs. It seems that it is not an appropriate way, but it is really an efficient way to get tradepacks and resources for exchanging them to gold. For this method, players can set out on the high sea looking for ships and players with tradepacks on, staring a war against them and taking away their tradepacks, and then handing those tradepacks in and reaping all their rewards.


    There are three things for the players who want to be successful pirates.

    1.       Player should have a ship of some sort.

    2.       Player should be good at PVP battle.

    3.       Luck


    Third Way: Breaking down Gear

    Players never would like to vendor any gear that is level 20 and above. Instead players will like to use evenstones to break it down. This will provide players either sunlight, moonlight or starlight Archeum, which is a valuable resource as it’s used to craft all sorts of gear. Additionally, evenstones can be purchased at any general vendor for 5 silvers and players will be able to sell the Archeum at dust level and above for much more.


    Fourth Way: Fishing and Farming

    l  Fishing can be profitable when it comes to the higher proficiencies.

    l  Farming is a basic way to make money in ArcheAge. Here we list some plants which are more popular and profitable. They are Turkeys (Trimmed Meat and Pelts), Chick (Eggs and Chicken Meat), Grape Trees (Grapes are commonly used in tradepackages for trade runs and logs used for many tradekills), Barley, Iris, Mushrooms, Cotton (Used to make fabric for Tailoring) and Trees of Yew (4 hours growth time) or Trees of Aspen (14 hours 18minitues growth time). There is also a useful guide of making ArcheAge gold that player can have a look.


    Fifth Way: Jester’s Coinpurses

    Jester’s coinpurses are the top tier of coin purse in ArcheAge. They have approximately a 50 percentage chance to drop from any level 40-50 mob you defeat. Players can increase proficiency in Larceny by opening coin purses and stealing unprotected crops or livestock from same-faction players.


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