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Exclusive ArcheAge Gold Making Strategy Guide One

By John Ryan2015-09-04

ArcheAge is one of the most popular MMO games worldwide. Specifically it not only has local server in Korea, but also many international servers throughout other regions and countries such as NA, EU, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, and the latest coming one China, etc. In this game, players try to be skillful for leveling up quickly or having fun in PVP battle, and in the meantime how to survive or live very well in this game is another key thing. You want to have more fun and live well in the game, you need to be good at economy which means you need to be good at making ArcheAge gold to support your character’s life in game. Therefore, we write this guide aiming to teach ArcheAge players how to make gold in ArcheAge.


Basically, there are many ways to make gold in game. We divide them into two main categories, activities that don’t require any labor and activities that require labor. In this guide, we’ll talk about the category of activities that do not require any labor, and will give the activities that require labor in guide two.


Activities That Do Not Require Any Labor

First way: Gilda Star Dailies

The first way to get ArcheAge gold through collecting Gilda Star Dailies in game. Players can get a large stack of Glida Stars over days and weeks in order to purchase items like fancy ships or some little things like housing patterns and sell them for ArcheAge gold.


How to collect Gilda Stars?

When players’ character reaches to level 10, the Priestesses of Nui at the Respawn Bases begin to provide dailies, and players can obtain the Gilda Stars through successfully finish them. Let’s see the dailies between level 10 and level 30.


Priestess of Nui

l  Level 10-15, The Goddess of Nui

Speak to the Priestess again after accepting the quest.

l  Level 6-20, The Hereafter’s Energy

Buy a Memory Ink which cost 10 Silver from General Merchant and take it to any Priestess of Nui.

l  Level 21-25, Gifts for the Goddess

Use the emote “/flowers” on a Priestess of Nui

l  Level 26-30, A Lily Offering

Send a Lily to Priestess of Nui. PS: Players can get the lily in wild or plant it yourself, or purchase it from auction house.


Blue Salt Brotherhood

From level 31 players can start to choose the dailies listed in below to get Gilda Stars.

l  A Rare Perfume

To collect 30 Crushed Flowers, Ground Grain, Crushed Spices, or Chopped Produce to make a perfume.

l  Guerrilla Marketing

There is one thing that player need to know that you should finish the daily of A Rare Perfume first, then the Guerrilla Marketing is available for you.

l  Raising a Wild Elk

l  Raising a Wild House

l  Roadsend in Danger


Second way: PVP Battle  

When players go to PVP battle, Honor will be granted to them. Honor can be used to purchase many items. One of those items is Lunastone which is not bound to your character, therefore it is tradable item for players. PVP becomes another way to make ArcheAge gold then.


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