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Do ArcheAge Gold Buyers Get Banned

The question is concerned about by almost all ArcheAge Gold buyers, certainly it can not be answered simply "yes" or "no", because Trion did ban some accounts in Sep, 2014, we have also got a ban. The ban case has caused a wide range of discussions, however, it is most probably because you switched the IP for a same archeage account or you didn’t follow the correct gold transaction method in-game, you can avoid being banned by following Our Guide to Buying Archeage Gold at Mmogah, Mirage Isle is a convenient trade place for archeage gold, you can also learn How to Teleport to Miragle Isle.

In my opinion, archeage gold buyers will not get banned, I will answer the question with multi-angle.

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ARCHEAGE GOLD buyers did not get banned

First, ARCHEAGE GOLD buyers did not get banned according to the fact. We have been selling archeage gold for some time, honestly, none of our gold buyers got banned because of
buying gold from Mmogah and never heard that our any other game currency buyers got banned either. We always guide our customers how to do when they contact us for the gold. Mmogah has Archeage Gold in stock with the fastest delivery, we may not be the cheapest but must be the most honest, we offer safe Archeage Gold and Secure delivery, we also guarantee refund any time, so our customers have returned Mmogah excellent 9.9 on Trustpilot.

Trion is unwilling to ban ARCHEAGE GOLD buyers

Second, XL Games is unwilling to ban ARCHEAGE GOLD buyers, not only XL Games, but also other game companies like Square Enix. A game is like a society in which there are many different kinds of people, some rich and some poor, some having jobs and some not, some hating to farm game currency by boring grinding but some happy to farm it themselves. For the rich people, we can not see any reason that they should farm game currency by themselves, the money to buy game currency is a penny for them. Some people who have jobs should not spend a lot of time on farming too, for it is a waste for them. It is unreasonable to force different kinds of people to farm all game currency needed in game themselves. Obviously the Term of Service of game companies about RMT is against the nature of the games. However, in order to protect their benefit they have to make the rules ignoring its social feature on purpose. They can not say sellers illicit but buyers legitimate with different rules for two sides. So XL Games does have ban wave to rampant famers by bots and cheat, but takes a blind eye to archeage gold buyers.

Select secure delivery methods to receive archeage gold

So if we should say ARCHEAGE GOLD buyers do not get banned any time, can you buy ARCHEAGE GOLD in any way? No, after all, the action is violating the Term of Service of XL Games. Therefore, when you buy archeage gold, you should select reasonable secure transaction methods to receive gold. You should keep clear of suspicious actions, to make the transaction be normal player-to-player (give us an item while trading please), we will whisper you in game and meet a place to make a trade. Sellers should have trade characters with normal name and normal level, instead, have a rubbishy name like aefsdfsad at level 1, that is obviously farmers’ account. In addition, you do not say any word about your buying gold with trader in game, just do normal communication like player-to-player and send archeage gold via in-game mailbox sometimes.

If ARCHEAGE does not have RMT, it is a tragedy for the game.

If a game does not have RMT, it is a tragedy for the game. Based on the data statistics about amount of transactions on the unique oversea game-currency-transaction site in China, Archeage (US and EU) is currently at the top rank 1, WOW US is at the rank 2, WOW EU is at the rank 3. WOW US had been at rank 1 and WOW EU had been at rank 2 before ARCHEAGE came out, however, archeage rose rapidly to rank the first. As we can see that RMT is hot in Archeage.

For a player it is better you can do everything by yourself, but if you are an enterprising adventurer who need a lot of ARCHEAGE GOLD to improve your armor unwilling to farm them in a long time, you can buy gold without worrying about ban, then what you have to do is to take correct transaction methods like player-to-player.

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