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Different Ships in ArcheAge of Your Interest

John Ryan Date: October 30th, 2014 Views: 7308 archeage buy archeage gold mirage isle mmogah

ArcheAge provides many kinds of ships for you to choose, details about Rowboat, Clipper and Merchant Ship are in another post Different Ships in ArcheAge Game- Travel on The High Seas, this time I will introduce Warship, The Black Pearl and Fishing Boat to you, ships are useful when you travel across the seas.

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Factions are proud of their respective warships, the warships are as high as the naval power, even though they move a bit slower but they can carry heavy firepower for your fighting, they can solo almost all the small boats they encounter.

  • A portable harpoon gun can be available on the rear deck

  • There are eight cannons in all, four on the left side and four on the other side

  • Six underwater breathing devices can be available under the deck

  • A mid-ship or crow’s nest compass with intermediate range is available for you

  • You can use the four storage chests to transport your trade packs across the seas

  • You can also keep your area illuminated by the light at the rear of the ship

  • You can launch yourself and your glider on the extendable planks

The Black Pearl

The plan of your Black Pearl are never sold by a reputable shipwright, it’s a secret and all depend upon yourself, they can carry many small pieces and you can design of your interest.

Fishing Boat

A harpoon is mounted in front and there are several storage crates, at the central is a compartment which can hold some large fish, along with two rear hooks are available. Which makes a fishing boat different is that there’s a sonar available for detecting large fish schools within range, if your purpose is fishing, then a fishing boat is the best choice for you.

You will need a plan and some materials for building your own ship, you can buy them on the Mirage Isle, MmoGah provides secure face-to-face trade on the Mirage Isle which is safe and simple, we can also buy the items which you need off the Auction House and trade the items with you, feel free to us when you want to buy ArcheAge gold, you will satisfy with our friendly service.

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