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Different Ships in ArcheAge Game Travel on The High Seas

John Ryan Date: October 29th, 2014 Views: 5989 archeage

Both the siege and sea battle are compelling features in ArcheAge game, lots of mapped and unmapped islands are there for you to explore, ships will be so helpful when you travel on the expansion occeans, ArcheAge provides many kinds of ships of your interest.

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You can get one by completing the relevant early-level quests, the rowboat is simple, slow and less of decorations, it leaves you much vulnerable to the attacks from both other players and monsters when you are far away from the coast.

A clipper costs not so much, it’s small, fast and highly maneuverable, there are Harpoon Clipper and Adventure Clipper.

Harpoon Clipper
Two underwater breathing devices are provided and a large harpoon is mounted in front of it for latching on to other ships, there’s a portable harpoon cannon as well, you can use the clipper to chase down valued targets for boarding.

Adventure Clipper
One underwater breathing device are provided and there is a side-mounted cannon. It’s handy to open or return fire, you can fight against a larger but slower boat by its maneuverability, it’s none of a business.

Merchant Ship
Merchant ship is used for large amount transport of resources and trade packs across the seas for you, it’s long, fast and two-masted, each side has a cannon for fighting and two underwater breathing devices are provided for recovery, a spotter can use the telescope to monitor the incoming boats. However, a fully loaded merchant ship is not particularly maneuverable, remember to protect it from being plundered when you transport your trade packs.

There are also other ships like Warship, The Black Pearl and Fishing Boat, you can see the details in another post Different Ships in ArcheAge of Your Interest. If you want to build your own ship, you should acquire or buy the plans and relevant materials, build a drydock on open water firstly, once built, it will last only for three days, so make sure you can get all of the materials in time, you can buy the plans and materials which you need on Mirage Isle, you can learn How to Teleport to Mirage Isle in ArcheAge Game, if you want to buy archeage gold, you can feel free to contact our online support, MmoGah will always offer you friendly service.

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