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  • Details of Gunslinger Skillset in Archeage Unchained
    By Anna2021-04-01 00:00:00

    With akasch invasion's update, it brings along the gunslinger skillset, the Ipnya Ridge zone, and many more new features. The ipnya ridge is a new zone in archeage unchained's open world, where players will enjoy new quests and missions, and fighting off the akasch invasion. But you may be more interested in the gunslinger skillset that appears in this update.


    Gunslinger Class

    The name is pretty self-explanatory. The gunslingers in archeage unchained use guns as their primary weapon. The gunslinger class is fully aimed at players who enjoy fighting from a distance.


    Gunslinger Skillset


    Gunslinger Skillset

    The new gunslinger skillset in archeage unchained combines some potent range attacks with a wide variety of critical debuffs, which gives the players an advantage in combat. Next, our MmoGah website will introduce you to the gunslinger skillset and look at each ability's role. Let's start with the passives.


    skills and passives



    Arcane Protection

    The arcane protection increases your magic defense by 5%.


    Rifle Mastery

    The rifle mastery increases skill damage from gunslinger skills by 15%.


    Range Finder

    When equipped with a rifle, the sweet spot of the gunslinger attacks is increased by three meters. So you can shoot the bit fair with that one, and it does require you to have the gunslinger's abilities.


    Cunning Maneuver

    Our fifth passive is "cunning maneuver." This increases Eurovision by three percent and resets the tactical role's cooldown if the caster suffers a direct attack while using the skill. We feel like it could be pretty good on low ping servers.


    Bullet Rain

    The bullet rain grants an additional stack of adrenaline when using the ceaseless fire skill.



    For all of the abilities that you use in the gunslinger skill set, you'll get a stack of adrenaline. Adrenaline can't be stacked if you're using steady shooting or deadeye from the archery. Alongside the room sweeper skill, if you get 60 stacks, you then activate showdown. Now, showdown decreases the cooldown of gunslinger skills by 60%. It increases your movement speed by 30 %, and it also gives you a 3500-defense pen. And it lasts for 20 seconds, and you can keep this up by using the room sweeper over and over again. It does burn through mana fast. You do need a gun to use these skills. So let's look at our active abilities now.


    Active Abilities

    Basic Ability

    We are going to start with ceaseless fire, which is your basic ability. It fires several bullets to deal some damage each time, and it is a ranged set. It will work with agility, and using a rifle with this allows you to hit up to three enemies.


    Second Ability

    We have a corrosive barrage. We combo with that first ability and the blood of this fire that deals 900 ranged damage and inflicts corrosion. An equipping rifle allows you to hit up to eight enemies up to three times. The buff can be triggered once per enemy hits, and then corrosion decreases the target's physical and magic defense by 10%, and it can stack three times, and it lasts for 17 seconds. You can then combo this with poison weapons to shackle enemies.



    The backdraft is one of your big playabilities. The backdraft is going to do a lot of damage. And this also fires an explosive shell dealing 2661 range damage again.


    Splinter Cell

    You have to be pretty close to all of these abilities above. But these deal range damage to an enemy as well as to prison flame barriers. And it also stuns slow targets, so you will get a lot of cc options here.


    Blight Bolt

    The blight bolt makes a 159 range attack. This afflicts blights on enemies that you've hit with your corrosion for 10 seconds. And it will Increase their cast time by 2% and decreases their received healing by 50%.


    Room Sweeper

    Suppose you have 1 - 59 stacks of adrenaline. It will guarantee that the next ranged attack within 30 seconds is a critical hit, and it only has a five-second cooldown, but once you get 60 stacks, it will trigger showdown.


    Vicious Rebuke

    It does 355 damage. It is a guaranteed hit that the skill will never miss. But to actually activate it, you need to suffer critical damage. Then, for two seconds, you have a moment to activate it and retaliate.


    Tactical Roll

    So this is a tactical roll. You can roll in any direction. And it gives you immunity to stun trip, impale fear, sleepiness slow all the cc pretty much. You'd probably want to ping for this. If you suffer an attack while performing the roll, it will give you eight stacks of adrenaline, but it can't be stacked if shutdown's up, and also, it can't be used again for 1.5 seconds.



    Next, we have reversal, which is the reverse leech. Instead of stealing buffs, you give them debuffs. If you are going to hit this archer here, and then he should hit you with a freeze. When he does a lot, you reverse it on him, and then he's frozen. so you can do that with pretty much all the debuffs, which is also very nice.


    Collateral Damage

    Last but not least, we have collateral damage. This one fires an explosive shell that deals some ranged damage, and it flicks slow on the initial target. It'll decrease move speed, explode and deal damage equal to 15 of each target's health. It is up to 20 enemies within a five-meter radius and decreases their movement speed by 80%. If you want to learn more about these skills, please check out Zanrise 's video, in which he will tell you more details.



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