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Brand New Packs Now Are Live to the Devouring Depths of ArcheAge

John Ryan Date: July 01st, 2015 Views: 9089 archeage archeage gold mmogah archeage leviathan


Trion World has updated brand new packs to the Devouring Depths in its fantasy pirate MMO game of ArcheAge. So all of the ArcheAge’s players now can enjoy new adventures with a hold full of pets, costumes, perks and all-new depths packs in ArcheAge world.


New zone awaits, and some giant lurking beneath the water. Vessels great and small have cast off in search of the mighty sea monster Leviathan. Unfortunately most vessels especially the smaller ones disappear or even are swallowed by the shadowy colossus lurking beneath the waves, however new Depths Packs will help players live to tell the tale of encountering this legendary sea monster. According to the information released by ArcheAge official, players can get the new items in new Packs of Devouring Depths:


l  Archeum Depths Pack: Master the seas with players own Lavaspark combat pet, 90 days of Patron Status, Dragon Cultist Duster costume, and a plethora of other incredible goodies.

l  Gold Depths Pack: Explore the Devouring Depths with 60 days of Patron Status, Red Hauler Fusion Certificate, a host of Tax Certificates, and more.

l  Silver Depths Pack: Launch players journey with 30 days of Patron Status, 1000 Credits, a Soulmare Archeum Supply Crate, and many more bonuses.



Speaking of new packs of the Devouring Depths to ArcheAge we cannot miss the new world boss Leviathan, a huge sea beast capable of swallowing ships whole. It is a legendary mission to hunt Leviathan, therefore those players or guilds who successfully slay the beast will reap the rewards finally. Authors who interest in this massive beast can view our previous article about it "The Massive Sea Beast Leviathan in ArcheAge ". What’s more, there are also other crucial updates in this new packs besides Leviathan.


l  Miroir Tundra: It is an adventure to the new Miroir Tundra zone and try hand at ice fishing!

l  Daily Loyalty Token Event: Patrons will earn an additional Loyalty Token for every hour of play up to a max of three Loyalty Tokens per day. According to ArcheAge official schedule, this event ends on July 7 at 4:59 pm PDT.

l  New Patron Perk: Patrons can now queue for Arenas from anywhere in the world via the Convenience UI button.


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