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ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.18 - Latest Update

John Ryan January 22nd, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

01/22/2015 at 5:00 AM PST (GMT-8)

All archeage gold customers of MmoGah, we are thrilled to know that archeage is updating to version 1.2 build 4.18, NA game update starts from 01/22/2015 at 8:00 AM PST(GMT-8) and EU game update starts from 01/22/15 at 6:00 PM GMT(PST+8). The update lasts for around 3 hours.

According to what I know from our customer service reps, Trion has banned some accounts before the update. Archeage gold in the market has reduced a lot and it must result in a higher price. We are glad to notice you that we still have some archeage gold in stock and our ArcheAge Gold 10% Discount Event is hot going on, if you use the coupon “archeage10” for your order, you can directly get a 10% discount. Our event lasts from 01/22/15-02/05/15, PST, please take the chance to buy the cheapest archeage gold at MmoGah during the 15 days.

ArcheAge Gold 10% coupon

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.18 has many new contents, you can follow me to see the patch notes from the thread on official forum.

We guarantee that our face to face trade at Mirage Isle is the safest and fastest transaction method, for the servers which we have enough archeage gold in stock, we will complete the transaction within 3-5 mins. If you need archeage gold, use the coupon to get your order 10% discounted, do not miss the opportunity!

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