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ArcheAge Updates Conquest of Auroria Begins on November 4th

As the title says, conquest of the Auroria is coming soon on November 4th, you can enjoy more adventure and excitement in the following.

  • To be the Lord of the New Zone or build your personal dwelling in Lord’s castle

  • Siege a specific zone’s Lodestone and become its new Lord

  • Explore new dungeon, Vehicles, more enemies and bosses

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To be the Lord of the new zone or build your personal dwelling in Lord’s castle

Six new zones will open with the launch of Auroria and four will be available for a guild to claim and rule, you can then build a castle on the zone and 30% more housing space will be available to players throughout these four claimable zones.

In order to claim one of the new zones, a guild leader must cleanse its Archeum Lodestone with a new Purifying Archeum trade pack. Cleansing the Lodestone designates you as Lord and gives you power over the zone’s land. The Lord’s guild may then construct a castle to surround the Lodestone, protecting it from would-be usurpers, the designs for individual castle sections can be purchased on Mirage Isle, you can learn How to Teleport to Mirage Isle in Archeage Game. As a Lord of the zone, you can collect property taxes in the form of gold from those who build in your zone and can also destroy any dwellings erected within your castle’s walls, Mmogah.com offers archeage gold transaction, maybe you are a Lord or one who want to build own dwellings, as long as you want to sell or buy ArcheAge gold, feel free to contact us, we will offer you outstanding service and never make you disappointed!

Siege a specific zone’s Lodestone and become its new Lord

Periodically, a siege declaration item for each zone will appear on the Auction House and the highest bidder will win the rights to siege that specific zone’s Lodestone at a designated time. If victorious, that guild’s leader will claim the title of Lord and all of the accompanying powers, that is to say, you become the new owner of the zone.

Explore new dungeon, Vehicles, more enemies and bosses

  • Serpentis, an end-game dungeon intended for 10 players, debuts with the launch of Auroria.

  • The Farm Wagon will be available for construction! A double upgrade over the Farm Cart, this vehicle can hold a total of four trade packs for maximum trade route efficiency.

  • New elite enemies and field bosses will emerge from their lairs to challenge intrepid souls hungry for great rewards.

  • The Steamfish Submarine will swim into availability. Build your own and dive into a new era of stylish underwater exploration!

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