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  • Archeage Unchained Akasch Invasion Patch Notes
    By Anna2021-04-30 00:00:00

    Brief Introduction

    The Akasch Invasion has begun. A brand-new zone has opened up for all adventurers - the Ipnya Ridge. This zone is filled with ruins, which represents not only what was but what's to come. Travel to the Ipnya Ridge through a narrow path in Mysthrane Gorge, but tread carefully, as danger awaits around every turn. Now take the challenge and utilize brand-new weapons, become more powerful, and learn more about the Akasch and their plans! Today, our MmoGah website will bring you detailed information of archeage unchained akasch invasion patch notes.


    Akasch Invasion Patch Notes Details

    Akash invasion is a big patch, and there's a whole new zone called the Ipnya Ridge in it, which is pretty massive. It's right next to Mysthrane Gorge,  thus you've got to go through Mysthrane Gorge  to get to the Ipnya Ridge. It recommends that you are at least level 30 to 32 in this new zone, though you do get the new buff that gives you a bit of boost, if your gear score is slightly lower. And this new zone is going to be pretty important for player progression as there's a whole new system.


    The Akasch Invasion will occur every Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 PM UTC for EU and 2:30 AM PDT for NA during Peace in the Ipnya Ridge and lasts 40 minutes. And when it begins, there'll be world gates that spawn in your capital cities. Now you will want to get in a group pretty early. When this happens, you'll take one of the world gates in the capital cities. You're Marionopel Astra and Growlgate. From Ibn Ridge, you have to start going around and completing different quests. The overall goal for this is to get to 15,000 points before the cash deal. If they get to a first EU lose and all the world, you will also miss out on a merchant that spawns after defeating the Invasion. Now to defeat the Invasion, you have to do various quests that'll spawn. These will also give you the new currency in the game. And each player will get three points when each quest completes. You can also kill your cash monsters and get 180 points per kill.


    On top of that, the cash will also get points by defeating the player. If you die from one of them, they'll get points. If they claim an area, they'll gain plus six points every five seconds for a minute. Then for every minute they've claimed, this area's points are increased by two per second. Again, if you manage to win, then a victory mansion will spawn in Cragtear Scars. And we'll trade different items for the newer cash tokens, which again are important for progression.


    And then there's also a buff that's provided to all players. But if you lose, a debuff will place on all players in the Ridge. Bosses like the Kraken will get much stronger until the next Invasion, and the merchant doesn't spawn. 125 heroines, and 50 pirates can take part in the other innovation at once, so maybe not everyone in a faction can get in. As for the invasion quests that will pop up, there's going to be 17 of them.


    Now, as for what the merchants have to offer, they have Unidentified Hiram Guardian, Hiram Infusions, Hiram Awakening Scrolls, Solar Tempers, Lunar Tempers, Luna Charms, and we have the new items, Gedlons Strength, Herstaris Resllience, and rank 1.


    Akasch Tojen Merchant


    These are very important and are going to be part of the new progression in the game. The strength will be for your weapons Resiliences, and Wisdom will be for your accessories. Then you can think of the rooms as your Awakening Scrolls, which will help you rank up once you've got your XP up.


    There is also an Adventurer's Winged Elixir, and I'd probably be focusing on the new progression items. Then we have the Invasion Victory Merchant, if you win the Invasion, the merchant will spawn in the Cragtear Scars, and it can have three of the items that are listed here.


     Adventurer's Winged Elixir


    So you could have Sacred Hiram infusion, Brilliant World Boss infusion, Resplendent Solar Temper or Lunar Temper. And you can also have Gedlon’s Strength and Ewan’s Rune Rack 2, which again is pretty important. Now the thing with both of these merchants is that you can only buy one item of them at a time once a day, which is going to limit how quickly you can progress.Now we also have 37 new story quests, where you can get a mount and a free costume.


    new story quests


    We then have another chronicle quest line. If you're familiar with the chronicles, you've got to press ctrl shift to bring up the chronicles menu, and do the chronicles questline, which includes 41 new quests.


    And then we have the other big addition to this patch, the gunslinger, which is a paid DLC. There are all the different types of rifles added, such as Dungeon Rifles , Boss Rifles and the Honor Rifles.


    They've also added some new Sunglow Lunagem for the gunslinger, and they'll get plus two percent, plus three percent, or plus four percent for Collateral damage, which is the basic ability. You can also get a free luna gem carver for collateral damage over the marketplace right now.


    In consideration of the length of the video, we will only introduce these to you this time. For more, you can check out Zanrise's video.



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