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ArcheAge Review from an Experienced Archeage Player

John Ryan November 11th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

Being one of the first and possibly the best sandbox MMORPG on the internet, ArcheAge certainly lives up to its name as being the amazing fantasy version of EVE Online. The game provides a refreshing look on the MMO genre by featuring a proficiency system that offers up to 21 different vocations, labour points system, justice system and even a plethora of activities that you have never been able to enjoy in any other MMOs like music composition, sailing, paragliding and more! Let’s find out more about ArcheAge and what made it such a successful game.

ArcheAge Review from an Experienced Archeage Player

Unlike the usual tank-and-spank combat, ArcheAge is an action-based game that emphasises on a very fluid and flexible combat system. In addition to using your character’s skills to deal damage, you’ll also need to avoid taking too much damage (mainly skill-based ones) from the enemy. There is also a combo system in place where using specific skills during combat will light up other skills that you can then use to deal some extra damage. Not to mention, characters in this game can mix and match up to 3 different skill sets from the 6 sets available, allowing for an incredible amount of customization in terms of character skills.

In addition to combat, vocations also play a huge role in ArcheAge. The game offers players a whopping number of 21 different vocations that do not only include the usual professions like alchemy or leatherworking, but even some unique ones like husbandry and farming. Through various vocations, you can also print your own books, build your own cool-looking steampunk vehicles, and craft and transport trade packs between cities. There’s even a vocation called larceny where you can decrease the chances of leaving evidence behind (and subsequently getting caught) when committing crimes.

However, the best vocation in the game is definitely “Artistry” as it allows you to utilise the many musical instruments available in the game, including (but not limited to) banjo, saxophone, horn, and piano, to compose incredible music. By levelling up your artistry vocation, you’ll be able to compose musical pieces with more notes and your character will make fewer mistakes while playing your original music. There are just so many vocations that a profession-obsessed player would swoon with joy while playing ArcheAge.

Due to many vocations needing quite a lot of materials and resources to level, it is only common sense that “farmers” will pop up sooner or later to ruin the in-game economy and destroy the purpose of levelling up a vocation in the first place. To prevent this, ArcheAge has a labour system in place. Vocation activities can only be performed if you have enough labour points. These points will regenerate by itself and will only do so if you’re logged in. There is also a limit as to how many points you can accumulate but that limit can be increased as you level up your vocations.

Now, you may wondering… these features are good and all, but what about the “sandbox” part that ArcheAge has been touting around? As you went on your adventure in the game, you’ll definitely pass by some really fabulous mansions, adorable and quaint cottages and even huge estates… well, all of these are player-owned and designed. You can even create your own plantations or farms if you like! With the incredible amount of furniture, plants, and other objects that you can place on the land you bought, ArcheAge definitely brings virtual house-building to a whole new level. The only downside? You’ll have to pay fees regularly to maintain your ownership on the land. If you missed paying your dues, you’ll lose your land and everything you’ve painstakingly built there. You can buy what you need in Auction House by using ArcheAge Gold, if you don’t have enough gold on your account, you can choose a trustworthy archeage gold seller to directly buy some.

That being said, the most interesting aspect in ArcheAge is definitely its one-of-the-kind justice system. When players perform criminal acts such as killing players of the same faction or stealing crops or fruits from someone else, they will gain crime points. You can also report murders and theft done by other players if you can find related evidence than can nail the culprit and increase his or her crime points. When these points reached 50, these players will be sent to trial to be either found innocent and released, or guilty and imprisoned. The best part is that you can even gather so much notoriety to the point where you’ll be deemed as a pirate!

All in all, ArcheAge is an incredibly in-depth MMORPG that is not only unique but it also offers an immersive and intricate world of its own. There is never a dull moment in this game as there are so many fun things to do besides the usual PvE and PvP stuff including operating a hand glider, swimming and underwater exploring, and even sailing on your boat. If you think you’d enjoy an MMORPG that offers a crazy load of variety, then ArcheAge is most certainly a game you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

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