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ArcheAge Naval Battle Massive PVP Strategy Guide

archeage naval battle

PVP battle is obviously one of the most attractive parts that players are fond of in ArcheAge. Naval PVP battle is a battle between one player and another player, or a battle between players and players. Naval battle massive PVP is actually a kind of a battle between a few of guilds across the sea in order to challenge fellow players for guild glory and plunder.


Location of Naval Battle Massive PVP: Similar as real world, naval battles are not allowed to start any time any sea zones according to regulations of ArcheAge. The Open Ocean is always flagged as naval PVP battle zone although it is a high risk sea area for frequent happening of assaulting trade vessels or pirate ships.

archeage naval pvp


Main Equipment & Stuffing for Naval Battle on board:

l  Cannon

Ships always carry different types of cannons for the sea battle. Accordingly the least ship with cannons is Battle Ship, and the most one is Black Pearl Warship. Manning for operating cannon usually is each cannon need at least one player to operate and do shells in backpack to fire.

Specific operating procedures:

1.       Player should stand next to a cannon when battle started.

2.       Press “F” to operate, and press “R” to fire.

3.       Once players click the cannon, an aimed indicator line shows out.

4.       Debugging through moving mouse or direction keys on your computer keyboard (Up/Down/Left/Right keys)


l  Helmsman

Helmsman is a crucial role on board. When a player who becomes a Helmsman will obtain a “God Perspective” ability of controlling direction of warship during war.

l  Sail Hand

Its main tasks are controlling sails of movement and adjusting warship’s speed. Usually the principle of the job of Sail Hand is the faster of moving, the slower of steering. Therefore how well coordination between Helmsman and Sail Hand decides a sea war is successful or defeated.

l  Gunners

Installing cannon for self-defense to prevent invasion of pirates and other enemies is the main job for a Gunner on board. Moreover, each warship have four cannons in the left and right sides, and each cannon need at least one player to operate. Here please be aware that shells need to be crafted and put them in backpack after that by players.


Suggested manning on a warship:

1 Helmsman + 1 Sail Hand + 8 Gunners + 11-12 other players


Tips for victory of Naval Beattle:

l  Try to firstly use cannon attack when war started.

l  When warship’s location is very close to an enemy’s, players should decisively board onto enemy’s warship to fight with enemy players. And at this time the class of Healer is crucial for support and health allies.

l  Players please be aware of that ship is the value of life, scrapped after the health up to 0 needs to be repaired before use. Destroying enemy ship regarded as a victory faction, and plundered loot in the wreckage of enemy ship.


As all of the players know that there are three main continents in ArcheAge Auroria, Nuia and Haranya. Therefore sea route is considered as the important way of transporting between continents, and also an important way to do trade for earning ArcheAge gold or Gilda Star between varied continents. For getting more wealth, resources and glory, naval battle massive PVP occur at any time.


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