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ArcheAge Marketplace Exploit Issue What’s going on

John Ryan Date: November 18th, 2014 Views: 7305 archeage mirage isle archeage gold buy archeage gold

ArcheAge Marketplace is unavailable until now, Marketplace Exploit is a hot-discussed issue for NA/EU servers, dues to the fact of RNG boxes hacker, many illicit gains appeared in archeage game, breaking the balance in-game, Trion has closed the Marketplace and is dealing with this issue.

If a large amount of illicit items appeared from the Marketplace, it will result in relevant items deflate the value, I think many normal players will be angry with it if they spent lots of labor getting TS trees earlier only to find them deflate in value because of the bug.

Trion will be tracking down the mats achieved through bug exploit, and may remove all those illicit ones from the game, I think most players are concerning about it, worrying that some items they bought off the Auction House are illicit ones and will be removed, to be honest, Trion will probably take this action to solve the issue, just as the illicit gold disappeared last month (October 22th), Trion may remove all illicit gains, even if they have converted to gold, all of them will disappear maybe.

As an archeage gold seller (https://www.mmogah.com), we have been influenced by this issue because players are complaining about the game and our archeage gold orders reduced a lot, however, I want to say, it’s just normal that some bugs found in game, so don’t be surprised when that happens, Trion is definitely dealing with it, we need to wait patiently and believe that Trion will solve it to make players satisfied, maybe when your item disappear unfortunately, Trion will return you equivalent ArcheAge Gold to make you up.

The issue is only for Marketplace, other trade platforms in ArcheAge game are in normal, such as Mirage Isle and Auction House, We can deliver archeage gold to you face to face on Mirage Isle, you can see a Mirage Isle Portal next to the Auction House Auctioneer, go through the portal and you will see Mirage Isle.

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