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  • ArcheAge Guide for New Players
    By John Ryan2015-12-04 00:00:00

    ArcheAge is a fantasy-pirate MMO with a wide open world set in the time where two major factions are at war. Unlike the vast majority of MMO's, the players in this game influences the world to the point that it is are almost entirely player controlled due to how the economy has been designed. ArcheAge also has a PVP system which is brutal; players lose some of their items if they lose and gain their opponents items if they win. Sadly ArcheAge does have some server problems with long queues which can easily take over an hour of real time before players can actually get into the world.

    ArcheAge Guide for New Players

    ArcheAge looks amazing, the graphics are brilliant creating a beautiful world filled with fantastic looking flora and fauna; players shouldn't be disappointed by the world they'll be placed into. The environments are great and the fantasy-pirate theme is reflected heavily in the world.

    Being an RPG does mean there are plenty of RPG elements including character creation; there's not many races to choose from but the physical look of your character is something players can spend hours doing, there's lots of details to choose from however there's no way to change height or weight strangely enough. The class system is pretty diverse with 10 different skillsets, players combine three of these to form a single class; there's around 120 different combinations to test and try out offering a lot of choices to its players. There's even a way to change skillset after the selection however each skillset does have its own experience level.

    ArcheAge is heavily player based and influenced; at least 99% of all 'everyday' items are only sourced by players, health and mana regen consumables can't be found with merchants instead you will need to find a player with good cooking or alchemist skills. There's nearly two dozen 'jobs' around and players need to find their own materials from natural resources, by growing it on their own farm or even by stealing them from other players. The land in ArcheAge is limited however and only subscribers may own a farm to grow their own resources; the game is a free to play but subscribers do get some noticeable benefits which do affect the game a fair bit during the earlier levels at least.

    The labour points system prevents players from advancing through the game too quickly as these points are required to complete many tasks and regenerate natural overtime while the player is in the game; this limits free to play players more as subscribers regenerate while offline also and at double the speed when they are logged into the game. The cash shop is full of convenience items which aren't really needed such as gold giving chests despite gold being easy to get in the game naturally for free.

    ArchAge is dependent on its players in order for the game's economy and resources to move properly; it may offer it's pay-to-play players a lot of convenience items and extra's it doesn't have that big of an impact at the later levels in the game but early on it could feel a little unfair. For MMO fans this is certainly worth checking out and RPG fans will love the player based elements which the economy is built on.

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