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ArcheAge Gold Is Used for More Different Ways in Auroria

John Ryan Date: 2014-11-13 Views: 5239 archeage goldbuy archeage goldcastle siege scroll

Even though ArcheAge is a free game, maybe you can hardly have a perfect experience without buying archeage gold, it goes the same after Conquest of Auroria begins.

ArcheAge Gold is important for you in Auroria, no matter if you want to be the lord at first, plan for a siege warfare, or you want to build a castle or your own house, you will find archeage gold is so necessary.

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  • If you want to be the lord of one of the four new zones ( Marcala, Calmlands, Heedmar, and Nuimari ), you should use the Purifying Archeum tradepack to clean the Archeum Lodestone in the zone, two things are necessary for the tradepack, Anya Ingots and Blood Archeum Crystals. You can get Crystals by mining, with regards to the Anya Ingots, you can directly buy them from a General Merchant on Mirage Isle with your own archeage gold.

  • After being a lord, you can build a castle around the new zone, protecting your Archeum Lodestone from being destroyed by other siege guilds. You will certainly need to buy some design components, such as castle walls, gates and defense towers, at this time, you will need ArcheAge Gold, and if you don’t have enough, just buy some.

  • The claimed zones can be reclaimed by others through sieges, if you plan to battle a fight against the lord, you will need a castle siege scroll, which appears on the Auction House periodically, it is the base item for a castle siege, only to buy one using archeage gold.

  • You can build your own house around the Archeum Lodestone of a specified zone, build in the lord’s castle, within the limits of the zone in order not to a demolition by the zone Lord, you will need to pay for the tax certificate, which equals to the form of relevant ArcheAge Gold.

More resources and challenges in Auroria, the new zones have dual climate, you can improve your farming greatly, certain resources like Auroria Mineral Water can only be found on the new continent, which is required to grow Archeum Trees, all that you want to buy or sell, can trade on Mirage Isle. MmoGah.com offers you archeage gold with face to face delivery on Mirage Isle, we have large stock for NA/EU servers, you can get your gold in 2 mins, fast and safe!

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archeage goldbuy archeage goldcastle siege scroll

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