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10 Things You Should Know about New ArcheAge Update 2.0: Heroes Awaken

By John Ryan2015-09-09

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In the incoming brand new ArcheAge Update 2.0 Heroes Awaken, allies are crucial to success in all adventures, and guild will have more to earn and to do together than before. It’s more focused on team work in the Update 2.0. As information we’ve got of Heroes Awaken, we summarized 10 highlights that we believe that players should know about.


1.       In the new guild system of Update 2.0, each single guild can only have the maximum amount of 100 players.

2.       In New Evolution Servers, all of the previous guilds are going to be temporarily disbanded in the game, and players need to reform their guilds based on the rule of the new Update 2.0 of 100 adventurers cap.

3.       Fresh Start Servers also follow the rule of the maximum amount of 100 adventurers for every single guild.

4.       There is no any affection to Legacy Servers. But all of the guild members will be temporarily removed from their original guilds except the leader of each guild, and after that leader will be able to invite the maximum amount of 100 players back to his guild.

5.       Ways for guilds to recruit and advertise themselves will become efficient and easier.

6.       In the Updates 2.0 guilds will be granted experience and rise through new Guild Levels if guilds have new allies on their sides.

7.       All guild members can get additional bonuses through guild leveling.

8.       Guild leveling also unlocks brand new and unique items for players to purchase in the Guild Prestige Shop.

9.       With all these brand new and unique items that guilds got from leveling, any guild whose level is above 3 can manage a war against other guilds whose level are also at least at level 3 and not protected by Dominions Protection.

      10.    The maximum 3 wars can be declared per day, and each war’s cost isn’t cheap. The fees usually are 100 ArcheAge gold for the first war, 500 gold for the second, and 2500 gold for the third fight.


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