Guide to Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40) in WoW Classic

By Shirley Huang2020-07-31

Last time we have introduced AQ20 wow classic guide, and today we continue introducing AQ40 wow classic guide. This is a real player Platinum’s video guide. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.

AQ40 is one of the most difficult raids in WoW Classic that is filled with challenging bosses, trash, and epic loot. Join me as we navigate the ancient temple and learn how to survive your first time in this new 40 man raid!



Welcome to this episode of dungeon dives, in fact, this is the biggest episode of dungeon dives, so let’s jump into it, there will be tier steps for specific parts in this video, and we will start off with how the loot will work in this new 40 man raid. Tier gear is very similar with AQ20 to get a piece of gear, and you will need to collect two sets of five scarabs and these are the exact same scarabs you loot from AQ20, you'll also need two idols and these are specifically unique to AQ40, and you also need tokens that drop from specific bosses in the raid in order to get all 5 pieces of gear.

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You will also need to be honored with the brood of Nozdormu, which is a lot easier than it sounds because you actually start hated with this reputation to gain rep. You need to run AQ40, and there will also be rep increasing items, such as the Qiraji lord's insignia and Ancient Qiraji Artifact, which give significant boosts in reputation.  

Also, with each level of reputation, you get a new ring that is better than the last. While AQ40 does not have any attunements to get into it, that doesn't mean that there is some prep work that needs to be done. Nature Resistance is a big part of AQ40, so get a bunch of greater nature assistance potions, and gear are not easy. AQ40 is not an easy raid so far in classic, we've been doing raids that are pretty, simple but AQ relies on significantly more coordination by your raid, so for this reason, I would probably suggest that you should not pug it, with that being said gather 39 of your guildmates, and let's enter the temple of encourage.

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Welcome to AQ40 upon entering, you'll find your first challenge Obsidian Eradicators are like the moam from AQ20. They'll drain your raid's mana, and when they get the full mana, they'll explode and do a lot of damage, so priest hunters and warlocks drain, but if your dps is good enough, you could probably just tunnel them instead Anubisath Sentinel is up.

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Each of these adds gets one random ability from this pool just cast tech magic on each of them to see which ability they have, but here's the catch when one of them dies. You'll need to fight two of these packs, and then you can face the first boss prophet scarum.


Three Bugs

Scaring will need to be tanked in the center of the room, and he has a one second cast time on his arcane explosion spell and should be interrupted.

If the person with aggro on the boss is not in melee range. He will spam cast earth shock which will quickly kill the player, so make sure the tank has threat at all times, he also casts a spell called true fulfillment and this is mind control that makes the affected player very big, and very dangerous, so be sure to polymorph them the most important ability.

Scarum has at 75%, 50%, and 25% health, he will split into three copies of himself, two of these copies are fake, and one is real the fake copies have very small health but can cast the same spells, so these copies spam casting earth shock on your raid would not really be a good idea, so the melee in your raid need to split into three separate groups.

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Let's talk about some of the difficult trash you'll face at this point. These brainwashers should be your top priority as they will mind control members of your raid. Vekniss guardians will knock up your tanks, so face them against the wall. Vekniss warrior packs will summon a ton of small adds on death that will need to be aoe down, keep right, and you can face the first optional bosses of the raid. These bugs can be killed in any order you’d like, and all three of them have unique abilities, so let's go over Lord kri that is going to be the most dangerous of the three bugs.

He has a Cleave, so face him away from your raid. He also has a toxic volley that will place a poison dot on your whole raid, that stacks and needs to be dispelled, and when he dies, he spawns a poison that you should not stand princess. Yanjuan has an aoe fear for people in melee range that wipes aggro even if you resist it with a fear ward or a berserker's rage. Ideally you'd want a tank that is out of range of this aoe fear, just waiting for it to go off, so they can swoop in and grab the boss, the princess will also heal, but it can be interrupted, and upon death she will summon a bunch of small adds than is the easiest, as he just has a charge, a knockback ability and you can cheese him by tanking him in one of the alcoves in the room.


Battlegaurd Satura

This fight can quickly turn into utter chaos if not managed satura correctly, and her adds will randomly fix on targets throughout the fight for 5 seconds, and then return back to the person with the highest agro, this coupled with their whirlwind abilities can spell disaster for their range in your raid, because of this you'll want your party spread out in a taunt rotation for warriors, so they can keep satura in the same spot during these fixate moments.

Lastly, Satura will apply a thunder affect on the tanks, and enrage at 20 health. This fight's main focus is just to keep the boss, and she adds under control during her agro wipes work together as a team to control them, and you should be good, she drops the salute.


Scarab Gauntlet

To get to the next boss, you'll face the Scarab Gauntlet as like the suppression room from bwl except it's a mile long, and it sucks even more at the end. The Gauntlet is the next boss franchise the devourer, but the problem is that he has an incredibly large aggro radius in vanilla world of warcraft this spot. Here was the safe spot where you wouldn't aggro the boss or the scarabs.

I'm assuming that in classic it will be the exact same way, so now you can drink up buff up and get ready to pull the boss.



First, Franchise has a mortal wound, which is a cleave that also applies reducing healing stacks, so face him away from the raid and tank, swap when stacks get too high during this fight.

Hatchlings will spawn from these big buttholes, and you'll need an off-tank to round them up, so they can be quick aoe down. When these hatchlings spawn a random player will also get entangled & webs, and teleported to the entrance of one of these bugs. Tunnels healers need to be aware of this because these players take heavy damage. Lastly, the most important is that you'll need to kill these worms called the spawn of fankriss. One two three of these worms will spawn, after 15 - 25 seconds, they will enrage and start one-shotting members of your raid, and they can be stunned & should be quickly dispatched as fast as possible.



Viscidus is like most bosses in the raid and the fact that he has a poison volley that he'll cast on the raid, and he'll create clouds that are well you guessed. In order to damage this boss, you will need to freeze him. He will need to be hit by 200 frost damaging attacks. It doesn't matter how much damage these attacks do, there just needs to be 200 of them, so frost wands, frost oil on weapons rank 1, frost bolts your whole raid needs to work together to freeze him. When viscidus is frozen, you will need to be shattered by having your raid perform 75 melee attacks on him. After that he will explode into 20 slimes around the edge of the room. Each of these slimes represents 5% of his health, slowly move towards the center of the room and form into viscidus once again, this part is where your raid will need to do as much damage as possible. If slime is damaged but not killed, which will not transfer into damage to the boss.


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