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Vanilla WoW Leveling Guide

By Shirley Huang2019-08-27

Leveling in vanilla wow is quite different than WoW BFA. WoW classic leveling isn’t as fast as leveling on live servers in World of Warcraft, and earning wow classic gold wasn't an easy task. Looking for some vanilla wow leveling guides or tips?


In wow classic leveling guide, there are some ways to speed up the process. The guide contains the best classes, best combine classes, the right positions, upgrade the weapon, step-by-step instructions and visuals to help you quickly level to 60.


Choose the Best Classes

It is important to pick the classes. These classes are ranked based on how fast and easy to level up from 1 - 60, whether you are doing it with a group or simply Solo leveling yourself. It’s much easier to level up when you can sustain your health and clear mobs of monsters, so classes with AOE Damage and the ability to selfheal tend to rank higher. In the Warlock and Hunter Class, you have a pet that can help tank mobs while you DPS them down, this is another huge benefit when leveling up.


Choose the Best Combine Classes

If you plan to play with other players, we recommend these classes as the Best Duo Leveling Classes. These rankings take into account the synergy between classes, and how fast they can level from 1-60 together. For example, a Healer pair with a Warrior makes for a strong combo. While the Priest DoTs (Damage over Time) mobs, and you can tank mobs more effectively.


Choose the Right Professions

If you want to move quickly to level 60, we also recommend waiting for Crafting professions until you’re done. Gathering professions (mining, herbing) will slow you down, but if you plan to level a crafting profession later, or you want to sell materials on the auction house to afford those expensive mounts, gathering professions might be worth playing. WoW Classic is different from the Live server, picking a flower or mining a metal node does not grant experience.


Group Up or Go Solo?

The amount of EXP you gain will reduce when you level up with a party in classic WoW. The more players in your group and are near you, the less EXP will be gained per mob kill.


These amounts slightly adjust depending on your level. When you kill a higher level’s mobs, it will increase your EXP. If you have a full group of friends, and you want to play together to speed level to 60, you could try to get questing experience quickly. There are enough quests in Classic WoW to get you from 1- 60 without grinding, but the first thing is that you should get the full experience from the mobs you kill. If you group up, you will almost certainly have to grind to get you the rest of the way there, because grinding alongside questing awards more experience than just straight grinding in the same area, which reduces the efficiency of groups.


The exception is that you play a hybrid class. Leveling with those classes and specializations can be very slow, but if you pair up with another hybrid or slow-leveling class, such as a tank and a healer can help both of you go forward.


Dungeons, Questing or Grinding?

The most efficient way to max level in modern expansions is by spamming dungeons over and over again. But in vanilla wow, the difficulty in finding and keeping groups, and the more-restrictive dungeon lockout, that will not appear while you farming and fast leveling in WoW Classic. If you have max-level friends and they are willing to carry you, spamming dungeon runs is definitely the way to go. For other gamers, a mix of questing and periodic dungeons are the best ways to go. Vanilla WoW is full of quests. You can get from 1-60 without grinding, or repetitively killing monsters at all if you take advantage of rested XP. It means that you can speed up by killing monsters as you travel from one quest hub to another.


This is a real player Kargoz’s video. It is a general overview of classic wow speed leveling 1-60.  Some of the content of this article is quoted from his video.



I will share General Principles of Speed Leveling by providing the add-ons you need and some strategies you should follow, regardless of faction levels.


1. Grinding always be doing something stay productive on multiple fronts strive to hit birds with one stone, your next move is killing nearby mobs. From Levels 1 to 30, Questing supplemented by Grinding is faster in the mid-game. From levels 30 to 48, Grinding supplemented by Questing is generally faster in the late game. From 48 to 60, Questing supplemented by Grinding is generally faster.


No dungeons and no primary professions’ quests are to spread out and take too much time to collect other than first aid. All professions are gigantic time loss, deal with them on your level caps. The question is that they aren’t worth locking new professions, and if you heal class, you can even skip first aid.


2. Research your class’s ability. It is greatly advantageous to refresh your understanding of what abilities you get when you can find out, what abilities are critical, which ones you can skip and budget accordingly.


3. Plan your leveling path out as much detail as possible. You can optimize your path in the early levels, look for graveyards and you can use them to tactically die and respawn. Finding a way to weave quests together seamlessly.


Having executed on this plan multiple times, I know I have to complete the valley of trials and hit level 6 in under 30 minutes, hit level 10 in under two hours and level 20 in under 8 hours.


4. Create contingency plans. Take a look at your quests in your plan that are depend on a certain NBC or drop, and come up with a contingency strategy, so that you have something to rely on when circumstances change, this is the case when too many people are camping the same mob or something doesn’t spawn or something doesn’t drop. I recommend finding a grounding spot nearby and grinding out the equivalent amount of XP, or you will miss this chance.


Now let’s move on to some general techniques you can implement when leveling your character.


General Strategies

Keep your character moving in a productive direction, and use the downtime between auto attacks to move your character. This helps for multiple reasons, not only does it brings you closer to where you need to go after killing the mob, but it periodically brings you out of the hit box of the mob, so you take less damage overall.


Skip quests, don’t be scared of making the decision to skip some quests in vanilla, which weren’t worth them. When you get a new quest, take a second to think about the requirements, whether it is worth giving your character’s current wow classic power leveling, how much time this quest take and what is the payoff in classic. Questing only becomes better than grinding when you can complete it efficiently. If you are not confident that you can complete it efficiently, don’t do it.


Upgrade your Weapon

Weapons skills feature heavily in vanilla WoW, so you’ll use them in Classic. When you’re leveling a character, you’re also going to be leveling their skills with whatever weapons you choose. We recommend picking a weapon type, preferably something commonly available for your class and specialization, and sticking with it as you farm XP.


Worry less about upgrading your armor and more about upgrading your weapon. Of course this applies primarily to physical damage dealers. If you are going to invest your vanilla wow gold and weapon upgrade, and plan your leveling path with chaotic, weapon upgrade is a super high priority.


Create quality of life macros, and you can use them to save your time and a PM in-game. If you are playing a pet class, you can create pet attack macros that are tethered to your skills, so your pet is proactive rather than reactive. If you are playing melee, you can create start attack macros tethered to your skills, so you don’t miss the opportunity to create macros.


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