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Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20) WoW Classic Guide

By Shirley Huang2020-07-03

The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20) is a 20-man outdoor raid dungeon located in southern Silithus, and it is one of the new raids coming in Phase 5 of WoW Classic. Phase 5 is planned to be released on July 29 and will most notably include new raids in the form of the Temple & the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20 & AQ40).

Learn the bosses, strategies, and amazing loot in this episode of DUNGEON DIVES from a real player Platinum's guide. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.


Dungeon Dives

We will tack the ruins encourage (AQ20) and talk about everything you need to know for your first time in this new 20-man raid. There are some steps for specific parts of the video before you jump into the raid.


Reputation, Gear and Class Tomes

First, we need to talk about the reputation and other important details about this new raid tier. A lot of the gear you would like to get your hands on this new raid tier is token-based kind of like Zul'Gurub (ZG), but a bit more complicated. Each class has a three-set, which includes a ring cape and weapon in order to get these items, you need a specific set of 10 scarabs, 2 idols, and 1 karachi piece drop from mobs in the raid.

WoW Classic AQ20-1

Idols can also drop from mobs in the raid as well as Scarab Coffers which are treasure chests around the raid that can be opened with a scarab coffer key, item dropped from mobs in the raid, and Karachi pieces drop from bosses in the raid

WoW Classic AQ20-2

For example, I want to get the hunter ring, and it needs 5 golden scarabs, 5 clay scarabs, 2 amber idols and 1 karaji.

WoW Classic AQ20-3

If you want to get Ceremonial ring, you will also need Reputation with the cenarion circle to get these items, and you will need to be honored revered for the cape and exalted for the weapon, you can gain cenarion circle rep by running AQ20 or AQ40 or doing outdoor activities in silithus.  

WoW Classic AQ20-5

All bosses in the instance can drop class tomes, which increases the rank of spells, these will cost a very pretty penny on the auction house, especially at the start of the raid tier, so with all that, we are ready to jump into the ancient ruins of AQ.


Raid Entrance

Welcome to the ruins of encouragment, this place is very similar to Zul'Gurub (ZG) and the fact that it’s really easy for the most part, but it is also a great catch-up raid for new players, just be careful pulling them, moving them down and you should be good, the only notable trash mobs here are the Karachi gladiators that hit really fast and really hard, so they should be your top priority clear your way to the next area to face the first boss.



First, Kurinnaxx has a cleave, so face him away from the party and it also applies a debuff that reduces healing by 10 for each stack. Because of this, you will want an off-tank to taunt the boss, so the debuff can fall off the other tank, you will also teleport a random player in front of him, just move away from the most important ability.

Kurinnaxx has Sand Trap, he will spawn these swelling piles of sand that will explode deal damage silence, the player and reduce their hit chances by 75% and lasts 20 seconds, so it’s safe to say, don’t stand on it.  

WoW Classic AQ20-5

Especially if you are a healer, the explosion radius is larger than the actual animation, to get really far away and good luck, dealing with this melee at 30, but he is pretty easy to kill.


General Rajaxx

We can jump right into the next boss General Rajaxx. This fight is like a gauntlet where you will need to fight a total of 7 waves of enemies. In order to start the encounter, you will need to talk to the caldera elites, and their oddly homoerotic leader lieutenant general androw without further interruption.

Let’s celebrate and suck some NPCs that will be helping you in this fight are actually really important as they can pull a decent amount of DPS in-tank ads, so make sure your healers keep them alive, this fight is more about endurance rather than speed. Cenarion Circle (CC) is very important if your group is under-geared, so fears and tingling roots sheep. All that sort of stuff general rajaxx himself has disarmament, and he also has an ability called thunder crash, which reduces everyone’s health by 50 and knocks them back. Go right on your way, you will bump into these obsidian destroyers, they aren’t dangerous or anything, but if you are a miner, you can harvest large obsidian shards which are used to craft valuable gear, and you can obtain a recipe through cenarion circle rep.



During the fight, Moam will use Drain mana which will drain all of the casters mana in the group, the problem is when he gets the full mana, he will cast Arcane Eruption which will deal huge aoe that will most definitely wipe your group, so if your job is priest, hunter or warlock, you can use your mana draining abilities to make sure that does not happen. 90 Seconds into the fight he will turn the stone, which will make him invulnerable, and he will summon three mana friends.


Buru the Gorger

Now you can go straight up the stairs and then go through the last boss’s little arena, or you can backtrack back and go over to Buru. Buru is the most disgusting pit imaginable, just this vilest disgusting model in all of Warcraft. All the Guru fight is unique, and you can’t actually hurt him for the first 80%, the only way to hurt him is that you need to destroy the eggs around the room when he is standing on top of them, so when the boss is pulled spread your DPS out, all the eggs are around 10%. Be prepared to be in a position where you can easily kite the boss without pulling him away from an egg or be really close to the boss. The longer the fight goes on, so kill him quickly, he drops this loot follows the insect ridden part of AQ pass the bug testicles, and clear all the mobs in the comb, so you can face Ayamiss the Hunter.   


Ayamiss the Hunter

It is unique in the fact that she will stay in the air until her health drops below 70%, so your casters will have to tank the boss’s attacks, and she will use an ability called poison stinger, which applies stacks of nature damage. Ideally, you’d want to arrange DPS with a bunch of natures as gear to tank these stacks, but if you don’t want to, you will just have to spread it equally between all of your ranged DPS, so nobody dies. 

The most important ability during this fight is Amos that will teleport a player to the altar in the back and stun them. A larva will slowly travel up the stairs, infest the player, and burst out as an elite wasp that kills the player, which is not only disgusting but also very dangerous, so it’s melee’s job to kill the larva.


Ossirian Trash

Head up the stairs to face the last boss, but before we do that, we need to fight the most annoying trash in any raid so far. The anubisath guardians and they randomly come with 2 of these 5 abilities plague, which is a dot that harms. All the players around you shadow volley, which is aoe damage meteor, but it’s divided between the raids. When everyone stacks explode, which is a self-destruct at 10%, just kill him before he finishes the cast and thunderclap, which is more aoe damage for anybody in melee range. They have 2 of these 5 abilities, but they can also reflect fire and arcane spells or shadow and frost spell to find out which one is reflecting. He will also spawn these ghost adds, kill them clear out. All of the guardians in the room and prepare yourself for a heavy sandstorm that engulfs the ruins of encouraging the sands of the desert rise and block out the sun.


Ossirian the Unscarred

When the boss is pulled, he will have a buff on him called supreme mode, which increases his damage dealt by 300%, meaning that he is going to shot your tanks in order to remove this buff, you will need to drag him over to the crystals. You need to keep in mind that the boss can’t be taunted, so it can be very easy to pull agro. This boss is a bitch to tank. As a tank, you will need to focus on keeping agro as much as possible, but you also have an ability called enveloping winds, which will stun the tank for 10 seconds. It is recommended that you use a free action potion. Holding agro is going to be really annoying during this fight. The boss will cast war stomp. All of the melee back and deals damage, you can use this to your advantage to get closer to a crystal.

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