WotLK Classic Phase 3 Best Classes and Gearing Guide

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WotLK Classic Phase 3 is here, and it's time to take your game to the next level. Are you ready? Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting, selecting the appropriate class and gearing is vital to maximizing your performance. In this extensive guide, we will take you through all you need to know about the top classes and gear choices available so that you may dominate in every fight.


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We will go through everything, from the fundamentals to the most sophisticated tactics, including buying WotLK gold. To get you started on your path to being an unstoppable force in WotLK Classic, let's get right in and get this party started!


Phase 3's Best Classes

Many players, it is no secret, choose their main character's class based on their opinion of which one is most suited to the game's objectives. The third phase of WotLK Classic, 3.3.5, is out, so let's look at the best classes for the new content.


To begin, know that there are no objectively "bad" classes in Warth Classic. In theory, any group can function well. Nonetheless, there exist specializations in which specific courses excel. If you're looking for direction on which class will serve you best after installing patch 3.3.5 and in which way purchasing WoW WotLK Classic boost can help you to enhance your gaming experience, here is the place to be.


You should prioritize damage dealt, crowd management, and utility while planning your raid strategy. The Mage and the Warlock are the two most effective classes regarding damage dealt. 


The Mage: With their Arcane and Fire talents, Mages can deliver top-tier damage in a raid setting, and with their Frost talents, they can give top-tier damage and utility in a PvP environment. Both of these capabilities are available to players of the Mage class. The class is straightforward and straightforward to learn, but since its high skill ceiling, it is tough to master.


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Warlocks: Warlocks' damage over time spells are reliable, but mages' burst damage spells may decimate a whole group quickly. Warlocks can unleash black magic imbued with fell, fire, and shadow, and they use this ability to call minions to fight with them in battle. With the introduction of the new Demonology skill, Metamorphosis, Warlocks now have access to one of the most recognizable spells in the game.


Several character classes have distinct strengths when it comes to managing large crowds. Both hunters and druids have powerful tools at their disposal in the form of pets, and druids also can polymorph their foes. 


Hunters: Hunters are experts in marksmanship and, with the assistance of a strong animal friend, can harm from a distance without allowing their victim to ever come near to them. 


Druid: The Druid is the only class in the game that can do all four primary jobs (Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, and Ranged DPS), which makes them very flexible and an excellent class to learn all elements of the game with since they can perform all of these duties.


Similarly, mages and warlocks can use their spells to keep enemies at bay. Still, it's essential to remember that crowd control spells can be risky in raids because if an enemy breaks free from your control, they'll often go after the nearest player, who might be a healer or play another crucial role.


Druids and priests are the most versatile classes. Druids are versatile since they can teleport, innervate, and even erase curses. In addition to mind control, the fear Ward, and levitation, priests possess many other helpful skills.


Priests: The potent spells cast by priests are well-known for their ability to immensely boost their friends while simultaneously attacking the very minds of their opponents. In Wrath of the Lich King, the Priest class has evolved into a highly potent one, and as a result, they are in high demand because they can both heal and do damage.


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Overall, mages, warlocks, druids, and priests are the most vigorous classes for the phase 3 content patch in WotLK Classic. Damage output, crowd management, and utility are all maximized with these classes.


Phase 3's Gearing Strategies 

It is not a secret that gearing up in any game may be challenging, but it is a secret that gearing up in Warth Classic can be much more difficult. While preparing for the material introduced in phase 3, it might not be easy to know where to begin since there are so many different classes, specializations, roles, and purchase boost options. Let's examine the optimal gear for each category of phase 3.


The most influential tank equipment will have a balance of protection and endurance. It would be best to search for gear with strong defensive ratings and high stamina ratings to help you withstand strikes from tough bosses and to help you endure extended engagements. 


The finest gear will have attack power and a critical strike rating when damaging enemies. It would be best to search for equipment with a high attack power to boost your overall damage output and gear with a high critical strike rating to boost your chances of scoring critical hits. And the optimal gear for healers will have a balance of spell power and mana restoration capabilities. 


It would be best to search for equipment with a high spell power to improve the amount of healing you can do and equipment with a high mana regeneration rate to help you stay up to the demands of recovery throughout extended battles.


PvP World: In phase 3, there are various methods for obtaining equipment, including one buy gold. The first, and maybe most apparent, is via PvP in the open world. If you're competent in PvP and have a solid group behind you, this is a fantastic method to get gear. But, if you're not proficient in PvP, this approach may be time-consuming and unpleasant.


Raiding and Dungeon Crawling: In phase 3, PvE is the alternative gear-gaining method. This encompasses both raiding and Dungeon crawling. If you don't like PvP or don't have the time for it, PvE is the way to go. If you're in a hurry to be geared up, PvE is the way to go since the gear you get there is usually better than what you find in PvP.


Gear Tokens: By the end of the third phase, gear tokens will be your only option for acquiring new equipment. Tokens of a particular sort may be exchanged for that gear. These may be obtained in several methods, such as achieving an individual level of play, defeating a specific boss, or returning a particular quest item. If you're having problems getting the gear you need for your class or specialization, gear tokens might be a godsend.


Now that we've covered how to get gear in phase 3, let's check the equipment that may be obtained.


Obtaining a complete set of Heroic dungeon gear is a good starting step. The greatest gear in the game is found in the Heroic Dungeons that are accessible in Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm. Then, use the Dungeon Finder tool to join a queue for a Heroic dungeon. Heroic dungeons are not to be entered without a party of buddies since they are challenging. After clearing a few Heroic dungeons, you should focus on gathering suitable equipment.


Phase 3's Tips and Tricks

WotLK Classic is one of the most well-known and long-running action role-playing games (RPGs). Whether you've played the game before or picked it up for the first time, these hints and strategies will help you advance through the levels more quickly, and better prepare you for victory in phase 3.


Level as fast as possible: In WotLK Classic, the quickest method to level up is through fulfilling tasks, defeating opponents, and purchasing Wotlk Classic Boost. As soon as you reach level 10, you should immediately begin questing to advance your level as swiftly as possible between levels 20 and 30. Because of this, you will have the opportunity to acquire more robust gear earlier in the game, which will help your progression through the game go much more quickly.


Choose wisely when leveling: When it comes to leveling up your character, it is essential to decide which talents to improve first. Always prioritize upgrading skills that provide you with benefits, like enhanced damage or healing, above those that do not. Upgradation of these skills needs gold for this purpose; you can Buy Wotlk Classic Gold from a trusted seller. Other abilities may be ignored if they do not provide any advantages; nonetheless, it is essential to reallocate your points whenever you achieve a new level to get better equipment as quickly as possible.


Get a pet: After reaching level 10 or above, you should prioritize acquiring a pet since they are an excellent method to maintain your safety while adventuring across the globe of Wrath. Pets can deliver buffs to their owners, such as enhanced health or armor, making them an absolute need for players who wish to survive challenging battles.


Equip the best gear: As your character improves in strength, it is essential to outfit them with the greatest gear available to continue progressing through the game. This implies that you should emphasize characteristics like damage reduction and attack speed while picking.


Phase 3: Best Gear for Each Role

The greatest gear may be found for the Protection Warrior here:

The finest gear for the Protection Warrior is a shield and a weapon with a high attack power.

Shoulder and head protection of tier 10

A massive shield and weapons with a high damage output

Two weapons, with one having a strong attack power and the other having a great damage mitigation

A weapon requiring two hands and robust protection

A consumable that improves the amount of healing received

A legendary blade studded with gems that have both Versatility and a Critical Strike Rate

The optimal equipment for a Rogue is as follows:

Mooncloth boots and a cloak of shadows, both of which may assist in evading notice.

A Barrow Tunic and a Bow of the Serpentine aid survival.

A pair of gloves designed specifically for improving agility and maximizing movement speed.

A belt of strength that enhances one's ability to harm.

A ring with various protective qualities increases the wearer's chances of surviving hostile encounters.

A piece of equipment that gives rogue characters a higher critical strike rating.

And last but not least, a combat-ready engineering bag stocked with a variety of helpful engineering tools


Final Thoughts

You may use this guide as a reference while leveling up your character in phase 3 since it has a comprehensive overview of the best classes and gear for that phase. To assist you in making the choices most suited for your character, we have also included an outline of each class and its special powers. We hope that by the time you've finished reading this guide, you'll be better equipped to enhance your chances of winning at phase 3 by making judgments based on as much relevant information as possible.



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