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In Lost Ark, the Summoner is the player class that allows them to have their dream pet. If you have ever entertained the notion that you could have mythological creatures perform your bidding and cause havoc on the battlefield with you, then this is the option that you should go with.


Players have access to a diverse selection of classes to choose from in Lost Ark, one of which is the recently introduced Summoner. This new advanced class is a  mage who can call upon the spirits of various elements to fight on her behalf. Her opponents are in for a world of hurt since she can cast devastating spells using earth, lightning, and water. Despite this, the Summoner class is not appropriate for every player. She is delicate, moves quite slowly in comparison to other classes, and is difficult to control.


Lost Ark Summoner Guide


The Summoner has remarkable mobility, a variety of ranged attack choices, and significant damage that can be sustained and dealt with in bursts. Because every one of her spells has an area-of-effect component, she can eliminate whole armies with a single casting in various contexts. By giving the Summoner the strongest build that can be achieved, we may assist mitigate the negative effects of her character and turn her into a formidable opponent in Lost Ark.


Summoner Strengths & Weaknesses



Exceptionally high limit on damage

Its costly to optimize late-game performance.

High-quality Id creation for persistent ancient invocation

Irresistible rotation bottlenecks without access to high-level cooldown gems.

A steady DPS dealer that specializes in hits

Insufficient mobility / slowness


Summoner Identity

Class of the Summoner Identity, or its unique power, consists of bringing out a big ancient form of spirit that is capable of doing a significant amount of harm to adversaries. As an illustration of this, a certain spirit marble will glow when a specific quantity of energy that takes the shape of ancient orbs has been collected.


In addition, the quantity of orbs that you have earned via battles or talents determines the kind of creature that may be summoned by you. In addition, each of these ancient spirits has a special power and ability to predominate in combat when the appropriate conditions are met.

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Master Summoner's Playstyle

When playing as Master Summoner Icon, your primary objective should be to construct Identity orbs and take advantage of Ancients when buff windows present themselves to do high burst damage. Because the orb cost of your Ancients has been lowered (by one), you will have a large number of orbs available to spend on Ancients.


The vast bulk of your damage is generated as a direct result of using these summonses throughout your various self-buffs. In spite of the fact that you should make prioritizing putting them below buff windows one of your top priorities, there is a possible bottleneck in your rotation there if one of the following should occur: If you create orbs at a pace that is quicker than the cooldown on your buffs, you will be required to wait on the summon until your buffs are available.


If your buffs are active before the requisite number of orbs for a summon, you will need to utilize abilities that create additional gauges or wait until they become available. It is for this reason that high-level cooldown gems are recommended for a gaming cycle that is generally more fluid. On the other hand, this shouldn't change the requirements for the runes that are based on stats and skills. At the beginning of the game or even in the middle of the game, you will need to maneuver around the intricacies of what your construction may allow.


Akir is your tumultuous version of the Doomsday Icon Doomsday, and like Doomsday, he has a little pause before the last massive impact. You may apply the buff from Sticky Moss Swamp Icon Sticky Moss Swamp after casting Akir, and despite the delay caused by the animation for the summon, you will still be able to buff the last hit. The ultimate objective is to make room for Akir in every buff window, but this may not always be possible.


Summoner in PvP

When engaging in player-against-player combat, it is best for summoners to remain in the backline and use their minions to either stun or knock down their opponents. If you use your identity summons well, you may ensure that you will win.


A skilled melee player that pursues you relentlessly, particularly Scrappers, is the worst possible opponent for a Summoner. Playing keep away while maintaining the efficacy of your instants requires you to make strategic use of your mobility, and communicate effectively with the rest of your squad.

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Summoner In PvE

Depending on the playstyle and summons you choose, you will spend the majority of your time as a Summoner alternating between using your instant casts and waiting for windows of opportunity to cast your more powerful skills.


Pay close attention to your posture so that you may put yourself in the best possible position to win by utilizing your mobility ability in a strategic manner to avoid the boss' strikes. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of your participation in this group is to do a great deal of harm to the enemy!


Summoner Build Engravings

This construction lends itself well to three primary engravings you should try to include. The first of them is known as the Master Summoner. This lowers the cost of your summons while simultaneously increasing their damage and chance to strike critically.


The second one is going to be called Preemptive Strike, which will enhance the damage of your initial strike by 160% when used against monsters of level Challenge or below. The last one is Contender, which increases your Attack Power by 2.5% for a period of 40 seconds if you kill an opponent.


That wraps up all you need to know about this particular Summoner Build in Lost Ark. This configuration will be used almost exclusively for material that has a large number of mobs. It will be useful in the open world, the Cube, and the Chaos Dungeons. If you plan on participating in Guardian Raids or Legion Raids, which place a greater emphasis on doing damage to a single target, you will need to make some adjustments to your build.


Skills for The Summoner

Selecting the Master Summoner Build is the most prudent course of action to take. Players will have constant burst damage and the utmost freedom available from their Summoner while participating in raids. The main drawback to using this build is the potential for extreme immobility, which may make it difficult for certain players.


Other choices could be simpler to control, but they won't provide the same level of damage output as this one does. Because of this, a significant number of gamers choose the Master Summoner as their character choice. There are certain talents that, when combined with the appropriate tripods, will make this construction the finest possible option.

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Elcid Skill

The Elcid ability will call out not one but two lily elementals, also known as Elcids. They will continue to assault any surrounding foes while flying about for the next ten seconds. With only their basic attacks, they deliver 36 damage.


Shurdi Skill

A little light elemental, Shurdi may be summoned by the Summoner. She can call this elemental, and for the next twenty seconds, it will follow her wherever she goes. It does 130 damage to adjacent foes as it follows her around and wanders throughout the area.


Sticky Moss Swamp Skill

Using this ability, the player may call out an aiding marsh that is slimy and covered in moss. It takes 0.5 seconds to create and will be active for a total of 5 seconds, doing 26 damage to foes at regular intervals. Additionally, it slows the adversaries' movement speed by sixty percent for two seconds.


Water Elemental

A water elemental may be called out by the player if they have the talent "Water Elemental." Over the duration of two seconds, this elemental will deal harm to the adversaries in the form of water damage.


Electric Storm

Users of Electric Storm may inflict devastating damage on a large number of foes at once. Over the span of 1.5 seconds, it gathers its strength before unleashing a ten-hit lightning onslaught over the duration of 5 seconds. It does 981 damage, which is quite a lot.


Steed Charge

When you use the Steed Charge ability, you conjure forth magical energy in the shape of a horse. As it engages in combat with its foes, this summon will deal 143 damage to them and send them soaring into the air.


Flash Explosion

The Flash Explosion ability generates a concentrated jolt of energy, which is then directed against the target of the user's choosing. It will do 176 damage to the target.



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