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Lost Ark: Biggest Update for New Players

JessieNovember 22nd, 2022

We got our patch notes for the update about Lost Ark Reaper's release on November 16. This update is very beginner friendly because many new changes in this patch notes can help new players start Lost Ark and get to the end game faster than before. So I highlight some of the most important ones and state the reasons why they are big for newbies.

Lost Ark Mokoko Emojis

JessieNovember 08th, 2022

Mokoko Emojis are very cute in Lost Ark, So MmoGah collects some of them.

Lost Ark Endgame Guide: Best Things to Do After Getting Level 50

HakkyNovember 04th, 2022

Getting to the endgame of The Lost Ark is a job that requires a lot of time and may quickly become daunting. You will unlock many features along the way, but the vast majority will become available at the very end. When you reach level 50, your experience will be completely different. Therefore, it is essential to know what you should prioritize.

The Ultimate Velganos Raid Guide in Lost ArK

HakkyOctober 31st, 2022

Velganos is possibly Lost Ark's most difficult Guardian Raid at the time of this writing. This would make sense, given that he is also the last Guardian in Raid Level 5 and was the final Guardian Raid that was accessible when Lost Ark was launched in the Western Hemisphere.

Lost Ark Beginner's Guide: Why Do You Need Low-Level Alts

JessieOctober 21st, 2022

Alts are the essential factors for your Lost Ark journey. Most players normally park their Alts at 1415 to 1445 when the legion raid starts. But reaching that high level is quite tough for most beginners because they don't have that many materials and Lost Ark gold to make parking Alts!

Lost Ark Best Kakul Saydon Build

ivicamilaricOctober 03rd, 2022

The Lost Ark September update, Rage with the Machinist, brought us the new Legion Raid Boss - Kakul Saydon. So this guide will showcase the path towards the Kakul Saydon build.

Top Foraging Locations in Lost Ark

JessieSeptember 27th, 2022

As a role-playing release focusing mainly on the player-vs-environment (PVE) process and world exploration, along with raids, dungeons, and PVP elements, the game always beckons new RPG fans to its fold. Yet, many of them quickly get confused by the process of Lost Ark foraging and its numerous nuances.

Lost Ark Machinist Class: Everything You Need to Know

JessieSeptember 25th, 2022

According to the newest official news, the Machinist Advanced Class will be added to Lost Ark on September 28. The Machinist will be the fifth Gunner Advanced Class, and the other four classes are Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist, and Sharpshooter. Before the Machinist is released, finding out if it is right for you is very important.

Lost Ark Guide: Tips for Saving Time

JessieSeptember 16th, 2022

Here I will share with you some tips from Korean users to help you save time and make your gameplay easier and more comfortable in Lost Ark. Let's drive in!

Lost Ark Guide: Upcoming Changes of Skill Trees & What Should You Do

JessieSeptember 09th, 2022

In Lost Ark, skill trees can provide you with some of the largest power increases, and it only requires very little investment. Recently, the Korean server overhauled the system, with many positive effects. It will also arrive NA/EU server soon.

Lost Ark: Ultimate Vykas Gate 1 Guide

JessieAugust 30th, 2022

In this Lost Ark Vykas Gate 1 Legion guide, I will go over all the major mechanics and break down its normal patterns. Click here to get more guides on LoA.

Lost Ark Pet Ranch: Everything You Need to Know

JessieAugust 18th, 2022

According to the newest official news, the ‘Under the Arkesian Sun’ update will arrive on August 24, bringing the Pet Ranch and Legendary Pets. Pets can play and grow into more helpful companions in the Pet Ranch. It is a new location in the Stronghold.

Lost Ark Guide: Where to Find Rohendel Monsters

JessieAugust 12th, 2022

In Lost Ark Rohendel, most of the continent is woodland, inhabited by creatures such as faeries, elementals, and treants, so Rohendel is essentially the land of the elves. But many of these creatures have come under the influence of demons that you need fifteen of them to complete your Adventurer's Tome.

How to Clear Vykas Phase 1 – Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide

PennyJune 16th, 2022

After the release of Valtan, the upcoming June update in Lost Ark Western version will introduce the second Legion Raid – Vykas, which also requires teamwork, unlike the single-player dungeon Thronespire that is also coming in June. Vykas has three phases and we will talk about the first phase today.

Lost Ark Thronespire Guide: Rewards and How to Play

PennyJune 09th, 2022

Unlike the Legion Raid Valtan that requires team cooperation, the upcoming content Thronespire in June update is a single-player dungeon. Players will need to go through different floors (harder and harder), defeating various monsters, like the Shadespire and the Fatespire that are available now in the game.

How to Clear Valtan Phase 2 – Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide

PennyMay 25th, 2022

Valtan is a tier 3 Legion raid in Lost Ark May update. It has two phases which drop tier 3 Accessories, Ability Stones, and so on. As with phase 1, after clearing the phase 2 dungeon, you can pay in-game gold in lost ark to get additional rewards. Today, Fox will bring us a guide to clearing phase 2. Now let’s get into it.

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