How to Increase Item Level in Lost Ark

By Dean2022-02-24

Lost Ark has been launched for many days, and many players have reached level 50. There is a lot of game content waiting for you to explore after level 50, such as Chaos Dungeon, Guardians Raids, Abyssal Dungeons, Island, and so on, and many of the end game contents require item level to access. In this article, MmoGah will explain how to increase the item level in Lost Ark.


What is Item Level in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, all armor and weapons you get have an item level on them. The higher the item level is, the more powerful the gear is. Also, you can access more end-game content with a higher item level. So it's more important to increase your item level in Lost Ark.


What item to increase

When you reach level 50, Firstly will unlock the Chaos dungeon. It requires you to reach level 50 and journey to the Vern Castle to unlock. You will be able to access it easily since it only requires item level 250. and you can get the item level 250 gears by main quests. By doing the first Chaos dungeon, you can get a full set of equipment with item level 302. The 302 item level equipment will be continually upgraded. Might you can not get a full set of item level 302 gears by one time of Chaos dungeon, but you can do several runs. Luckily you can also get more upgrade materials by this.


You can also follow the main story quests to the Shushire Region. after completing all the main story quests there, you will be rewarded a full set of item level 302 gears too.


So which way is better? The Shushire region quests take more time to complete. Chaos dungeon will be easier, but if you want to access future game content will still need to complete the quests in Shushire Region. So you can consider which way to choose.


How to increase the item level

To increase your item level. You need to visit the honing NPC., which is at the southeast corner in Vern Castle. When you enter the honing UI, it shows the upgrade materials required and the success rate. Yes, there is a chance to fail when updating your gear. Once honing fails, it will not destroy the item, but the materials will be gone. From 1-6, it has a 100% chance of success rate. But after level 6, the chance becomes lower. Level 2 Chaos Dungeon, Abyssal Dungeon, and Guardian raid-Lumerus require item 340. You can access them by upgrading all your gears to level 2.


Lost Ark Honing System


Honing will require different upgrade materials

Firstly, fragments. Harmony Shards, Life Shards, and Honor Shards are required according to the gear's Tier.

Secondly, Leapstones.


Weapon and armor need different fragments. Weapons need Destruction Stone Fragments, Destruction Stones, and Destruction Stone Crystals. Armor needs Guardian Stone Fragments, Guardian Stones, and Guardian Stone Crystals.


Also, when you get better gear, you don't need to do the whole update steps again—using the Gear Transfer system. You can transfer the item levels from old gear to new gear. You just need to pay some fees in silver. Be noticed that doing this will destroy the old one. You can visit the honing NPC select gear transfer.


How to get upgrade materials

You can get upgrade materials from Chaos Dungeons and Guardian raids, So don't forget to clean two times for each every day. You can farm more Chaos Dungeons to get a vendor currency. Can use the currency to buy upgrade materials from the NPC right under the Chaos Dungeon entrance in Vern Castle.


Lost Ark Npc for materials exchange


We also recommend completing island quests for honing materials. You will be able to get a large amount of Stone Fragments and Harmony Leapstones. So it is worth your time.


Lastly, you can also purchase the upgrade materials from Action House. We do not recommend it, but if you have enough Lost Ark gold and want to save your time, it is a way to get upgrade materials.

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