How to Clear Vykas Phase 1 – Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide

By Penny2022-06-16

After the release of Valtan, the upcoming June update in Lost Ark Western version will introduce the second Legion Raid – Vykas, which also requires teamwork, unlike the single-player dungeon Thronespire that is also coming in June. Vykas has three phases and we will talk about the first phase today. Don’t forget to check out this guide once Vykas releases.




Normal Mode:

Legendary gear materials

Relic type accessories

1 Vykas wing

500 lost ark gold


Hard Mode:

2 Vykas wings

Relic type accessories

1000 lost ark gold




Item Level:

Normal: 1430



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Assign the spots in advance for a mechanic that will happen during the battle. The two parties must each have one person stand in the eleven o'clock, one o'clock, five o'clock, and seven o'clock position. Remember your spots.



Screenshot from TheSandov’s video, which has been put at the end of the article


Recommended Battle Items:

Healing Potions

Whirlwind Bomb

Swiftness Robe

Time Stop



As with Valtan, we've also got helpers in Vykas.


Nineveh (Ctrl+Z)

Wei (Ctrl+X)

Innana (Ctrl+C)



50-52 Health Bars

The whole party will be separated into two to face the human version or the demon version of the boss.


boss split


One thing to notice here is that in the demon version, the purple telegraph attacks are the safe zones, which you can stand in to prevent taking damage.


As the demon version doesn't have many mechanics and you just need to dodge normal patterns and respond to human party's calls, we will mainly talk about the human version.


48 Health Bars

The first mechanic will happen at 48 health bars. The human boss will teleport to the center of the arena and cast an aura around him. You must stand inside the circle to avoid wiping. Stand in the position you are assigned at the preparation stage.


stand in the circle


Once he casts his shock wave, four portals with colors will appear. Below are the colors of the four portals.


portal colors


Then orbs that can change color will also spawn near each portal. They can change color every few seconds, and the order is red – blue – green - white – black.


All party members must get an orb to go through the portal in their location when their colors match. Successfully getting three of these orbs through the portal will stun the boss, meaning you passed the mechanic. Failing to do so will wipe the party.


36 Health Bars

At 36 health bars, a stagger check will appear on the boss. Your party must successfully stagger him within the time limit, or it will be a party wipe.


Then players will be marked with a blue or black orb above their heads. Depending on the color you get, head to your corresponding spot. If the marker doesn't match your position, swap with the person next to you.


blue and black orbs


Then a pattern sequence will appear on the ground. Pay attention to the pattern of your corresponding color, as some orbs of your color will start to spawn in the same order. You need to take these orbs and prevent them from reaching the boss.


Once this mechanic is done, the boss will create an AoE that is either safe inside or outside. This is for the other party fighting the demon version of the boss, so tell them which side is safe through typing or voice communication.


30 Health Bars

Once both parties push their boss to 30 health bars, the boss will then swap, which means if you were fighting the demon version, you should now fight the human version and vice visa.


25 Health Bars

At 25 health bars, the human boss will teleport to the middle and cast four big circles at twelve o'clock, three o'clock, six o'clock, and nine o'clock. One of the circles will be white, and it signals the safe spot for the other party. So tell the party fighting the demon boss which circle is the safe spot, so they will know where to stand to prevent wiping.


13 Health Bars

As with 36 health bars, the same mechanics will happen again at 13 health bars. So we will just need to do the same thing.


Below 5 Health Bars

Both bosses will enter a mini rage phase when below 5 health bars, with increased attack speeds and damage. You will not be able to kill your boss until both bosses are at zero health bars.


Above are the main stages you go through when fighting Vykas Phase 1. There are also some main moves of the bosses. Check out the video below.


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