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The Ultimate FFXIV Cookbook Is on the Way

Ansley August 13th, 2021 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

There is a piece of good news for all gourmands. A cookbook introduced game foods of Final Fantasy XIV will go on sale starting Tuesday, November 9, in bookstores and online! Maybe you are not interested in the recipes, but if you like the FFXIV game, it would be nice to bring the culinary landscape of Final Fantasy XIV Online to life.


The Ultimate FFXIV Cookbook Is on the Way content 1


The director Naoki Yoshida writes its exclusive foreword. It has more than 70 recipes from Hydaelyn, including coffee biscuit, trapper's quiche, rolanberry cheesecake, etc. No matter you are a veteran or a new hand, you can always find what you can do in the book. This book contains recipes for both simple and celebratory fare. It is worth mentioning that the rewards of the Moonfire Faire 2021 include two foods - a delicious chilled dessert and a plate of grilled corn. Take a guess! Would they be in the cookbook or not?


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The book is worth $35 and is full of beautiful photos for FFXIV fans to collect. In a word, it is suitable for every Final Fantasy fan.


The Ultimate FFXIV Cookbook Is on the Way content 2


This's what MmoGah shares about the ultimate Final Fantasy XIV cookbook today. We hope you like it. In the meantime, if you need cheap FF14 Gil, FFXIV Power Leveling service, FF14 guides to help do your quests, MmoGah can provide all of these. Feel free to visit us at any time.

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