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Is Final Fantasy XIV Getting Better or Worse in 2022

Nightmare June 23rd, 2022 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

How to tell a game a getting better or worse? One way to tell is by the servers. When a game adds more servers, it gets better, worse when the merge happens.


For the game Final Fantasy XIV, it's adding more servers again. There is news posted on the Lodestone saying that in patch 6.18, a new logical data center called Meteor will be added to the Japanese data center. Also, four new Worlds will be added in the European data centers, two worlds in the Chaos data center, and two Worlds in the Light data center.



I guess the company is planning for a big update shortly, so they are preparing new Worlds early this time because when Endwalker came, there were too many players but not enough room, and most players had to stay in the queue for hours to log in and play.


Players can plan things too by buying ffxiv gil now since the ff14 gil price is at its low point, and the game is adding more Worlds, which is a good sign.


When new Worlds come, there are always bonuses for character creation and character transferring to encourage players to play in the new Worlds and reduce the burden on the old ones.


Patch 6.18 will take place on Tuesday, July 5.



New World Bonuses

Players can earn various bonuses by creating a new character on the newly established World or transferring an existing character to a newly established World.


Bonuses for Creating Character on New Worlds

  1. Double EXP bonus until level 80. (No time limit)
  2. Gift of 10 silver chocobo feathers, which can exchange for gear.
  3. Gift of 1,000,000 ffxiv gil (1M) for attaining level 30 in any class during the bonus period.
  4. Gift of 15 days of free play time for attaining level 30 in any class during the bonus period.


Notice: These bonuses are limited to once per service account.


To save money, players can create a character on a new World and level it up to 30 to get 15 days of free play time, and with a double EXP bonus, this is easy to get. And there is also a gift of 1M ff14 gil, and you can find a way to transfer it to your main character.


Bonuses for Transferring to a New World

  1. Home World Transfer Service is free of charge.
  2. Double EXP bonus until level 80. (Limited time: 90 days after the transfer.)
  3. Gift of 10 gold chocobo feathers, which can exchange for special rewards such as rare mounts. This offer is really attractive to the collectors.


If you still miss a house yet, transferring your character to a new World is your chance to win a large and lovely house in Final Fantasy XIV. Houses with good locations have probably sold out on your World, so why not buy one in the new World.



Transferring to a New World is also good for players who want to level every job to the max level because of the double EXP bonus. Players can also buy FFXIV Power Leveling (FFXIV job boost) after transferring to reduce the process by half.


Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV. The game is getting better and better with every expansion.



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