• How to Make Pleasant Friends Better in FFXIV
    By Ansley2021-04-02 00:00:00

    FINAL FANTASY XIV is an MMO role-playing game that has been well received. Because it is younger than other games, FFXIV can learn many strong points from other games to make people feel better, especially in making friends.


    FFXIV has an excellent game ethos and friendship model and has attracted many players. The game is like a window through which we can see the outside world and make many friends. A Good community environment is an essential part of the game. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to gain a precious friendship in real life? We feel the same way in the game that we don’t want to be alone.


    Recently, I have watched the video of Zepla HQ, which is a good start. We should pay attention to how we make friends in FFXIV, what we do to have more space to make more friends, and how we stay away from loneliness. Let’s take a look.




    Choose the Tools and Game Districts that Most People Use


    Zepla HQ recommends discord as the most suitable communication tool. If you feel like there are not many FC recruitments going on in shout chat or party finder, it’s probably all happening on discord. And it’s a great way to communicate with other players, especially those who might share some subjects of your interests. If you’re coming from World of Warcraft, you might use a website like Icy Veins to get to know your job rotation and things like that. But in FFXIV, you may use discord or other tools, which you can discover on your own, depending on the habits of players in your area.


    Shout Chat and Party Finder

    It will help if you pay attention to the messages left by other players. Check shout chat and party finder, and maybe people will post FC recruitment.


    You will often see people who put up a party finder message, and the message will say something like ”this is my first time I need some help” or ”I’m trying to get through the story I need some help” or “how to buy a house I need some help” or “how to buy FFXIV Gil“ or “how to play red Mage“ and so on. That’s a perfect way to make some friends after you help them. You can say, “Hey, if you need help with anything else, I’m here.” and so just by continually helping the person get through the story dungeons and stuff, you’re already building a relationship. There you go. You have made a friend. You’ve made a good friend.  That’s the basic practical advice.


    Housing Districts

    Another place where you can meet people and where people are openly explicitly inviting you, and where many people may not think about is the housing districts.


    If you go to the residential award selection screen, you will see a list of contents like player names and free company names. The green and unlocked ones are there, and you can go inside those houses and explore.


    There are also the green ones with a little message book symbol. The house owner says in the message, “Hey, why don’t you come in for some hot cocoa?” And you’ll see a lot of those like that. These are people who have spent a lot of time usually making their house comfortable in a nice place, and they’re inviting in anybody who wants to come in to check it out. You can communicate with him about your interest topics, including how to decorate the house or where to get cheap ff14 Gil.


    Reach Out and Don’t Be Afraid to Talk

    Maybe you already have a friend. If you notice that a friend is a little quiet and not usual self, reach out and say:” hey, I’m here.” People may encounter all kinds of problems that you know nothing about the situation. What can you do? For example, you can give someone a wonderful gift by just being there.


    Next thing, you don’t be afraid to walk up to random strangers and say something to them. If you see someone who catches your eye, he might have a cool outfit or a fabulous title or neat character looks or something like that. You can send him a message and say:” where did you get that title, or your character looks cool, or how so much FFXIV Gil you have, and where did you get it.” Most players will be more than happy to talk about that with you. 


    Be Patient and Friendly and Optimistic

    First of all, you should always be patient and don’t be clingy with people you help or help you. If someone cannot be there for you at that specific moment, you need to exercise patience.


    Even in bad situations, you don’t blame or discourage others. You could try to make a joke or laugh about some aspect of problems to keep morale up for everybody. You smile at people, and you are friendly to people, and they will do the same to you.


    When sometimes you are tired, you can go outside taking a breath. Maybe you can eat chocolate and find something that makes you happy. If you are always positive to face a bad situation, the sky will show sunshine to you. So please be optimistic.


    Do Some Self-Reflection

    Sometimes it’s not the group’s problem. Sometimes the problem is yours. If you’ve seen a pattern in your life where you consistently bounce from group to group to group and be ostracized or kicked out group to group, you can not maintain friendships and relationships. That is probably extended to your real life.


    When you need professional help, don’t be afraid to seek it and talk to someone about it. You can work through this. You deserve to have friends and keep friends, and you need to find out what is going on to solve the problem.


    Jump Over the Unhappy Thing and Move on Your Game Life

    if you are in a group in which you feel mistreated, then you don’t need to tolerate that. You deserve better. It would be best if you found new communities.


    Those are the pieces of advice that we want you to know. If you have other insights, please share them with us. MmoGah has received a lot of praises and still expects to earn your praises through our efforts. MmoGah will always be there for you. Welcome you to MmoGah to start your search. If you leave valuable suggestions, we will be very grateful to you.