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How to Level Alts in FFXIV (Section 1)

Penny November 20th, 2020 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

As we all know, Final Fantasy XIV is very unique in the fact that you can level all of your different jobs or classes. And as you are playing your first job throughout the game, you have the main scenario quest and your side quest to help you level. But once you go into some alt jobs that you want to level, you don't have access to those quests anymore, because they have already been completed now. Luckily, there are a lot of different things that you can do when it comes down to daily quests that you do once every day as well as when you just want to level a little bit quicker outside of just doing your dailies.


The video below is from Ilya Dalamiq, in which he shares his ways of leveling alts. The whole guide will be split into two sections. In today’s section, we will talk about leveling from level 1 to level 40. In next section, we will share tips of leveling from level 50--80. If you are interested, please stay tuned to MmoGah, a website where you can buy FFXIV Gil with cheap price and fast delivery.



Level 1--Level 15

When you're level 1, the first thing that you can do is start with your hunting log, which is only available for those low level jobs. I don't think anything that came with the expansions has a hunting log available to itself and it also expands itself only from level 1 to 50. So once you pause that level 50 mark, there are no new hunt marks for you to go kill. These things don't give a crazy amount of XP when it comes down to going through the higher levels. But when you are just starting as a level 1 character or level 1 class, then the hunting log actually gives you a pretty decent amount of experience that can jump-start you to 5 or 6 levels.


And there is no real daily thing that you can do yet when you are just starting out your first dailies. What you can do is hunting some random monsters and doing that hunting log, maybe completing some side quests or doing some low-level fates until you get to that level 16.


To help you get to level 16, there is one thing you can do, which is incredibly good for experience and this works all the way up to level 60 even. That is Palace of the Dead, which is the first deep dungeon that was introduced in Heaven's Ward and this gives you some really good experience and it also doesn't have the drawbacks of a normal dungeon. Comparing to Palace of the Dead, a normal dungeon is usually going to be faster when leveling if it is run with a good group of four people that has gear for a specific dungeon that they're doing. Whereas, if you don't want to invest gear every ten levels, for example, and if you don't want to queue for them, Palace of the Dead is going to be straight-up better. Because even though the run might take longer than usual dungeons, you will get a faster queue time and you will also get a decent amount of experience for it, so basically Palace of the Dead until level 60 is usually the way to go.


How to Level Alts in FFXIV (Section 1)

Level 16

Level 16 is where you unlock your first roulette and your roulettes are basically your dailies that you want to be doing. Leveling roulette will basically put you into a random leveling dungeon, which means a dungeon that goes from 1 to 49, 51 to 59 and so on. Once you finish the dungeon, you will get a big chunk of experience.


Level 40

Once you reach around level 40, you're also going to be able to do Beast Tribe Quests, which you can do 12 per day and of course you can only do 3 of them per Beast Tribe. Each Beast Tribe also has a specific leveling system itself.


Basically those are the things that you can do from level 1 to 50. For the most part, it's just going to be your daily leveling roulette, your Beast Tribe, and then Palace of the Dead.


But once you reach level 50, there are actually a whole lot more things that open up to us when it comes down to daily activities, which I will share in the next article. Please stay tuned. If the content above helps you, don’t forget to leave a like, and I will see you guys next time!

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