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How to Level Alts in FFXIV (Section 2)

By Penny2020-12-08

Welcome to the second part of How to Level Alts in Final Fantasy XIV. In the first part, we have introduced how to level alts from level 1 to level 40. And today we are going to continue with leveling from 50 to 80.


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Level 50

Once we reach level 50, there's actually a whole lot more things that open up to us when it comes down to daily activities and some grindable stuff. Firstly, when it comes down to roulettes, we now have a much bigger variety of what we can do. Leveling roulette will still stay there, and it's always going to be the best source of experience. Whereas we now also have a couple of other ones that are definitely worth doing. So we have a leveling roulette, we also have Alliance roulette, which will put you in a random 24 man raid and we also have the MSQ roulette. Now these three are the ones that are worth the experience and your time.


When it comes down to MSQ roulette, it will take you a very long time and it’s pretty boring. But if you want to do this, when it comes down to time investment compares the experience gained, this is incredibly good.


Of course when going into Heaven’s Ward at this point, we also have hunts that become really good to do. You can pick up 3 different handbills every single day and this will give you a decent amount of experience and some hunting currency which you can spend on some other rewards,  a gear glamour, for instance. They don't take that much time either. So if you have flying unlocked in all of the zones, then they are definitely worth doing. Heaven’s Ward also have two Beast Tribes that you can use to level as well because they scale down to the level that you are at that moment.


Level 61-70

Once we get into level 61 to 70, things change a little bit. So when it comes to our roulettes, we still have the same things available to us. It's just that level 50 roulette now changes into level 50-60 roulette. Hunts are still there as well, so you can still do your daily hunts. And it is also still worth to do the Heaven’s Ward hunts as long as you are level 60. As you're still level 60 and try to get to 61, you can still do the old Heaven’s Ward hunts as well because they will still give you a decent amount of experience for that. But once you reach level 61, you don't want to do those anymore, for you will want to do Stormblood. At level 60, I believe you also get access to the Stormblood Beast Tribes as you can start doing those as well when it comes down to your dailies. When it comes down to spamming, some stuff change here. We still have a dungeon spam as always, but Palace of the Dead is not available anymore. That is going to be replaced by Heaven-on-High, which is the new deep dungeon that was launched in Stormblood.


How to Level Alts in FFXIV (Section 2)


Level 71-80

Now moving onto Shadowbringers, a lot of things will change here actually. So first of all, we of course still have exactly the same rule as available as before. This time we only have one Beast Tribes available to us, so only 3 Beast Tribes Quests that we can do to go from 71 to 80. Now to replace the deep dungeon, we now have Fades that are worth a whole lot more. Not necessarily when it comes down to the experience that they give, but what it comes down to what else they give, which is the Fate currency. Because we have the shared Fate system in Shadowbringers, which makes it so that you unlock different items in the Fate store and then you can of course spend the currency that you get from doing the Fades. And in that Fade stores, you can buy certain items like minions, housing items and some other items that you might need for crafting. So Fates become worth doing as well. Of course we still have the dungeon spam as well, so when it comes down to leveling your Shadowbringers, it's a little bit different than the rest, for you don't have the deep dungeon that you can do, and you also don't have the 2 Beast Tribes. You only have the one. But then on the other hand, we do have the Fates that we can spam instead of the deep dungeon and then of course we still have the dungeons to run as well.


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