• FFXIV Patch 5.55 Notes Overview
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    Patch 5.55 of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - Death Unto Dawn part 2 is the final story patch before the next edition - FFXIV: Endwalker on November 23, 2021. And it is an important part that connects FFXIV: Shadowbringers and FFXIV: Endwalker.


    Patch 5.55 update brings a lot of new content, such as the new area, mounts, and emotes.


    New Battlefield – Zadnor

    Like the Bozjan southern front, Zadnor is a new instanced encounter wherein players assist the Bozjan Resistance in their continued effort to reclaim their homeland from the IVth Imperial Legion.


    What to Expect

    It’s where you can increase your Resistance Rank up to 25 and where you can get the stuff that you need to upgrade completely. Besides, you can also finish your Shadowbringer’s relic weapon here.


    How to Unlock

    You’ve got a lot to do to start with this whole adventure. You need to go to Kugane and pick up the quest Dramatis Personae from Keiten, who’s standing near the market board area. Besides, you have to complete the Return to Ivalice alliance raids from FFXIV: Stormblood.


    Go through the mill, and once you’ve unlocked the Bozjan Southern Front, you can progress through the relic story - the Save the Queen story. Eventually, you will unlock Zadnor from the quest A New Playing Field from Marsack in gangos.


    Unlock the Bozjan Southern Front

    1. Players need to complete the level 70 FFXIV: Shadowbringer’s main story quest-Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty on top.

    2. Players need to complete the quest - Fire in the Forge from Gerolt in gangos.

    3. Players need to complete the quest - The Bozja Incident from Ironworks Engineer in Rhalgr’s Reach.


    Progress Through the Save the Queen Story

    1. Players must first complete the main scenario quest - Futures Rewritten.

    2. Then complete the quest - Fit for a Queen.


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    New Guitar

    This is a good example of how the real world meets the game. Fender, the iconic American guitar manufacturer, is celebrating the 75th anniversary and holds a special collaboration with FFXIV!

    Fender will begin to take pre-orders for the Americas, EMEA, and Australia in late 2021 and ship in early 2022. If you do not want the real one, you can then get a chance to have a guitar in-game.


    patch 5.55 guitar


    New Mounts


    Deinonychus Mount

    Deinonychus Mount is a raptor that drops from the final chest in the Delriata of Zadnor. That’s a rare dropping, by the way, and you can sell it on the market board.


    patch 5.55 Deinonychus Mount


    Al-iklil Mount

    Al-iklil Mount is a motorbike, which is an item that everybody is really looking forward to having. But unfortunately, you need to collect every field note in Zadnor and in the Bozjan Southern Front if you want it.


    patch 5.55 Al-iklil mount


    Magicked Card Mount

    You will get it after completing the achievement to obtain cards 1 to 312.


    patch 5.55 card mount


    New Emotes


    Be Quiet – Shush

    It’s an action - put your index finger in front of your mouth.


    patch 5.55 shush


    Wring Hands

    It’s an etiquette to express welcome, such as the Ballroom Etiquette - Good Will Seeking.


    patch 5.55 wring hand


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