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New Housing Item - Guitar in Patch 5.55

By Nightmare2021-05-31

In the game of Final Fantasy XIV, you can have plenty of pretty things, such as a house and furniture. In the latest patch 5.55, they have added an electric guitar to the game. Let's see what it looks like and what you can do with it.



The guitar as a furniture


Have you ever imagined what furniture you would like to put in your house in Final Fantasy XIV? Did they come true? If you ever wanted any instrument to decorate your wall, then you can have it now! There are not all kinds of instruments yet, but it's a good start. Maybe someday you can buy a piano to put in your house, one that players can sit there and play.


guitar on the wall



How to get the guitar


You can't buy the guitar with FF14 Gil but Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP).


You have to go to Manderville Gold Saucer, talk to Gold Saucer Attendant , choose Prize Exchange II, tick Show only recently added items, the Aetherolectric Guitar is under Others, and the price is 3000 MGP.


One thing you should know: You can only put up to four of them on the wall. So don't waste your MGP to buy more than four.


3000 MGP



Information for new players:


Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP) are used and earned in the Manderville Gold Saucer. In there, you can participate in different mini-games such as the Triple Triad, Chocobo Racing, and several other mini-games.


To unlock the Manderville Gold Saucer, you must complete the quest: It Could Happen to you at Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:9.6 Y:9.0), the NPC name is Well-Heeled Youth.


* MGP cannot be exchanged for FFXIV Gil.



The guitar as an instrument


They did not only add the guitar as furniture but also as a playable instrument. Unfortunately, it is only for Bard, though. If you are a bard, you can go to Settings, Actions & Traits, then click PERFORMANCE. At the bottom, you can see five types of sound.




Sound types


Electric Guitar: Overdriven

Electric Guitar: Clean

Electric Guitar: Muted

Electric Guitar: Power Chords

Electric Guitar: Special


You can click any of them to get into the play mode.


play mode



change sound type


When you are in the play mode, you can click here to change the types of sound.



Guide mode


There is a performance feature that teaches you a set of songs from the game. You can open It in the Performance menu, then select Performance Assistance to display a list of songs you may practice. You can then adjust the music tempo and choose whether or not you wish to use a metronome.


play guide mode


Now you can have your guitar performance!



Did you play Bard before? If you didn't, then it is time to start playing it now. Bard is the basic job to have nowadays. If you don't have the time to level it, MmoGah provides FFXIV Power Leveling, which can help you level up safely and fast.



Pictures in this article are from Meoni's video.


Here I share two videos of guitar performance with you. Enjoy.


Made by: Moogle Troupe


Made by: Moxxy

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