Two Best Working Methods of Getting Fallout 76 Caps

By Anna2021-03-12

Hello everyone, MmoGah is a website that can provide various news about the falllout 76 game and many other games. We are happy to share the two best working methods of getting fallout 76 caps with you. Next, we will take up some time for you. please stay focused, and we firmly believe that these contents will not let you down!


A Brief Introduction to the Two Methods


These two methods will be the best ways or the best working methods of getting fallout 76 caps in an efficient time, and you will not have to waste too much time. These methods will reward you with the same amount of caps that will be 50 caps each run. And these two awesome glitches slash tricks that will allow you to acquire yourself the right amount of caps quickly. You can not only get some extra rewards but also loot.


The First Method


Astronaut Ally's Mission

Now the first location that we are going to be checking out well is not a location. It is a quest you will have, and that mission is the side quest a no-brainer for the astronaut ally. Now the way you obtain this is just by doing her missions. And you will have to complete about 10 of them to get a no-brainer mission. We believe this one is one of the last ones she gives you. Once you do have it, you can bug it out to always complete 6050 caps. And a bunch of plans now to do this glitch are straightforward. Once the mission is active, all you have to do is go ahead and talk to the astronaut ally.


Astronaut Ally's Mission


Especially Second Dialogue

Once you are talking to her, she will give you an option to click the second dialogue, which requires 14 agility. But if you click it, you will bypass this whole quest which requires you to hunt and cut a robot. Quickly exit out the conversation, press pause, and leave the game. Once you are at the main menu, go ahead and join a brand new session. Suppose you are going to get 50 caps on a planner. In that case, you can farm this infinitely, leave the lobby every time you receive your caps during a brand new session, and bang, and you have yourself an infinite farming method of getting easy caps.


The Second Method


Simple Method

This method does not require the same thing. You will not have to have this specific mission. You will need a mission, but it is going to be easy to acquire. Go ahead and travel to sony topskilling. We will be abusing and taking advantage of a mission that allows you to complete it. And it is easy now. There is one requirement for this. And that is to have the storyline for the tadpole mission active. Unfortunately, if you do not have that active, you will not be able to do this mission. Just this megaphone will require you to run down the hill. It takes about 20 seconds to do it, maybe even shorter if you guys can jump across. But start the mission, follow the flags, and then go to the bottom. Once you guys get to the bottom, you guys are going to receive 50 caps. And you are going to get a bunch of loot. Suppose you want to reactivate the mission, all you have to do is just literally run up the hill, activate the mission again and speak to the radio bang. You guys will constantly repeat this by simply running down the hill, running back up the hill, activating the speaker, and getting yourself this mission to redo. It is effortless. It is honestly the most comfortable way of being able to acquire caps in the game. Unfortunately, now you will not be getting plans like in the first method.



Things to Pay Attention

But if you are playing on ps4, maybe another xbox, you will be able to do it. I recommend doing this because you will have to wait in loading screens, and if you are playing on ps5 or maybe pc, you can go ahead with the first method because you guys will be able to load it quickly.



Suppose you don't know how to activate it, below is the video of JJ FLOPERz's real player. He shared a method. And some of the content in my article is also from this video.





These two methods honestly are the best ways of being able to get caps. We know they are not perfect because they are only 50 caps. But We hope this is helpfully enjoyable in the last. And if you like fallout 76 cap farming, these two things are effortless and worth it. And it is worth the time because you are not going to be spending too much time.



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