2021 Is a Worth Playing Year in Fallout 76

By Anna2021-04-09

Bethesda has released the roadmap for fallout 76 through 2021, and it looks like there's an interesting array of content coming to the post-apocalyptic sandbox. Fans have been looking forward to the upcoming spring update, which includes ways to inspect your character quickly with special loadouts and multiple camp configurations that players can easily switch between. It seems that this year is indeed the best year for fallout 76. What are you waiting for? Join in fallout 76 now!


Why You Should Start Playing Fallout 76 Now


The First Reason

If you are interested in fallout 76, but you are not sure whether to play this game. Then today we are going to tell you why you should start playing the game now. If you have never played fallout 76 before, it's probably because you heard bad things about the game, mainly bugs, and glitches. Although fallout 76 does still have bugs and glitches, we can assure you that it runs smoother than it did. Now you shouldn't encounter any game runs issues. You should keep in mind that all games cannot have an absolutely perfect experience. However, the Fallout 76 game can generally operate better in most cases.


The Second Reason

The second reason is that fallout 76 just revealed a huge road map. There's a lot of content coming to fallout 76 this year, and if you missed this year’s long story, you might get left behind. Fallout 76 has a lot of content for first-time players, and it also has the main quest and sidequest, and an absolutely huge map with many places to discover. It has terminals and notes to read if you're into long lore story. It has turned into an online fallout game picture with all the elements from old fallout games like fallout three and fallout four pictures. Keep in mind there was a point in time, where fallout 76 didn't have a whole lot. But the game studios’s  developer has definitely pushed through a lot of adversity and bought a lot of updates to the game. And they're continuing to bring updates to the game. The updates are free and don't cost you any money. And we believe that if you wait a little longer and enter Fallout 76, you will be left behind. The game is going to have a really steep learning curve. There are a lot of mechanics you're unfamiliar with, and you're going to have to play through all the old content to get to the new content. In our opinion, it's the perfect time to start playing fallout 76. And for first-time players, there's a lot of content to be discovered now. The game is not too hard to learn at the moment. However, it has many mechanisms that you are not familiar with. But you can easily catch on because there are not that many of them at the moment. If you want to play fallout 76, or maybe you just want to try, we suggest doing it now. Because we think it will be too late to join the game by the end of 2021. There's so much to learn and discover. Sometimes they change parts of the map, and those locations on the map are never the same again after an update comes out. Things are constantly changing. Fallout 76 is a continually evolving world.


Fallout 76 Road Map


Then we would like to briefly introduce to you the newly launched 2021 roadmap which bethesda has announced. And the developer outlined the major updates planned for each season the first of which is starting with spring. The new content will include player-requested content plus the conclusion of a storyline that was introduced last year. Inside the vault, the post details the game's future throughout the coming four seasons, including the spring update available on the P.T.S. This update brings in S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, additional C.A.M.P. slots, and an all-new Daily Ops expansion for you to sink your teeth into. Towards the end of the year, fallout 76 is set to get gear to make your wasteland legends even more legendary, which sounds good! There will also be C.A.M.P pets. You can directly click on their official website, where they introduced the 2021 roadmap in detail.



Fallout 76 farming 


We will show you guys one of the best locations where you can go ahead and farm yourself a limited-time-only enemy. This enemy has been added back into the game for only a couple of days, maybe even hours. You will never know whether they would take him away within one day or two days. So you need to go ahead and use this method to form this guy out and get yourself a bunch of awesome loot. The location that we're going to be heading over to is candom park. Once we get there, we're going to be looking for a specific type of enemy. These guys will be dressed up in colorful suits, and it's kind of out of season. These are the Christmas guys. We're going to be farming them and taking their presents, their weapons, or any legendary they drop. Now, the best location is actually to get them to spawn.


In the theme park, there are two places. The first one is that as you enter the theme park to the left, there's going to be like a little stool area. And the second location is going to be right at the back of the theme park. Towards the right side of it, there's be again a stool area. This is where you get the mission with the robot standing at the door well. In that area, there's going to be another spawn area for these guys. Again here you will get between one to two of them. Sometimes if you're fortunate, you might get three. Now, you can listen out to the sound of the bells that these guys make when they spawn. They do spawn in some other locations. For example, one spawn is next to the bumper cart, and the other spawns in the middle of the park where the roller coaster stairs are. So these two locations are additional spawns for these guys. Just keep an eye out or listen up for the sound of the bells. But now that you guys have killed all the enemies gathered up the loop, you can simply leave the lobby. Join a brand new session, and repeat the process. But for those who play fallout 76 for the first time and actually want to get the most efficient way of farming, there's a little trick that involves you joining a public world and a private world.


This trick is straightforward. The first step is that you need to go ahead and do this farm in a public house. You need to make your way into a public lobby, go to the theme park, kill the enemies, cover up the loot the presents, then go ahead, pause the game, leave the session, join a private world, head over the back of the theme park, kill all the enemies, and finally gather up all the presents. Now you will notice one thing that there will be a higher number of festive enemies in your private world than there were in the public world. Purely because there are two different spawns for your private and public quote. We believe the public one doesn't refresh as often as a private one. So you will have a higher spawn chance of the festive enemies in a private world comparing it to the public world. But now that you have repeated this process in your private world, and you guys have killed all the enemies, then you can go ahead, return to the main menu and join a public world. The second time you guys have joined it, you need to go ahead and make your way back to the theme park. You can repeat the process, and kill all the enemies.


Now you want to wait about two to four minutes because the rest of the enemies in your private world will take a little longer. Take it a little bit slow when you are in public to allow the server to refresh. But once you guys have waited about four to three minutes, you guys will notice that if you leave the lobby and join a private world, you will have all the enemies respawned. Now, if you don't have them respawned, you may join a little bit too early. So go back to the public world and wait a little bit longer for the enemies to respawn. But if you keep doing that in the cycle, the enemies will be higher for you than someone who's only doing a public world purely because you will be having that refresh and a reset of the enemies. Every couple of minutes allows you to have a fresh run at the theme park and gather more loots from these festive enemies.


This effective method is from JJ FLOPERz's video. You can click on the video to learn more about this way.



2021 is indeed a year worth looking forward to for fallout 76. Don't hesitate to join this game now, and you will definitely receive a lot of fallout 76 caps and happiness. We hope the news above can help you do better in the game. In addition, our website has cheap fallout 76 caps for sale. You are welcome to visit our website at any time.

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