ESO Events 2024: Anniversary Jubilee Event Guide

By Michel Z2024-02-21

The Elder Scrolls Online will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2024, and this year's Anniversary Jubilee event will be unlike any previous celebration. The introductory quest has been updated, and players can now obtain boxes from sources other than daily tasks. Additionally, some forgotten activities have been given a new lease on life, as they may now grant special rewards. In this guide, Zurga shows you how to participate in the event and what rewards to earn.


The Introductory Quest 

You can obtain the introductory quest, For Cake's Sake, for free from the Crown Store. Once you accept the quest, make your way to one of the festival points, which can be found in Stonefalls, Glenumbra, and Auridon. When you arrive, you will meet the adopted son of Chief Donolon and complete the quest. As a reward for your efforts, you will receive a Jubilee cake

 The Jubilee Event Cake of ESO 2024

The Jubilee Event Cake of ESO 2024

Event Tickets and Experience Bonus

To obtain three event tickets, you need to activate the Jubilee cake. Upon activation, you'll receive an additional experience bonus automatically enabled during the event.


Gold is a valuable resource in The Elder Scrolls Online, and have a decent amount of gold can help you level up faster and unlock more content.


Earn Event Boxes

To receive event boxes, you must complete any daily quests. Additionally, you can now obtain Jubilee boxes from:


•     Killing and looting any final Dungeon boss

•     Killing Final Trial Bosses and World Bosses 

•     Completing any Incursion event (Dolmens, Geysers, Dragons, etc.)

•     Rewards for the Worthy Mails and Tales of Tribute Reward Bags


Gold Quality Event Boxes

The first box you acquire each day will be gold quality (Glorious Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box), while subsequent boxes will be purple quality.

 The Jubilee Steed

The Jubilee Steed

The Glorious Anniversary Jubilee Gift boxes come with a guaranteed fragment for the Jubilee Steed. You will need a total of 25 fragments to obtain the mount. While obtaining all the required fragments during the event may not be possible, you can still collect them next year or buy the missing fragments from the Impresario store for three tickets each. 


Earn Outfit Style Pages

During the event, if you go fishing, you could get the Trueflame Sword Replica Outfit Style. Additionally, there's a chance that any Dolmen reward chest you open may contain a style page for the Staff of Worms Replica. Furthermore, if you encounter any Geysers in Summerset, you might find a style page for the Ul'vor Staff. Finally, defeating any World Boss in Vvardenfell could grant you one of two style pages: Sunna'rah Replica and Barbas Wolf Helmet Replica.


The Impresario's Store

The Impresario's goods during 2024 Anniversay Jubilee event

The Impresario's goods during 2024 Anniversay Jubilee event

The Impresario will open her store during the Jubilee event. She will be offering various goodies, including the Molag Bal Illusion Imp Pet fragments, two fragments for the Master of Schemes Personality, Jubilee Steed fragment, Earthbone Ayleid style pages, and all cakes and their pieces. However, it is important to note that the cakes will only be displayed in the years that you have participated in the celebration.

The Master of Schemes Personality

The Master of Schemes Personality

The Earthbone Ayleid armor style

The Earthbone Ayleid armor style


Last but not least, the Impresario's assistant and the Indrik Vendor will also open their stores, so don't forget to visit them too.


Those are what you can obtain by taking part in the Anniversary Jubilee event. Don't forget to subscribe to Zurga for more helpful content on The Elder Scrolls Online.


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