How To Farm Runes Fast in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring is an action-adventure RPG game and has been released for weeks. It’s hot, and the game quality has been appreciated by all players. People in-game level up their level to become stronger and adventure in the amazing&wide game world, defeat more difficult enemies.


One of the most important things in the game is the game currency-Elden Ring Runes. Players can use the Runes to level up their character and get stats through it. Also, they can use the Runes to upgrade weapons, buy gears, and other important items from NPC.


Since the Runes are so important, both from earlier of the game and end game all need lots of Elden Ring Runes, and it’s not easy to get Elden Ring Runes in the game. Players need to spend a large amount of time gathering them. To level up a character and help defeat enemies more easily. This guide will list a few ways to get Elden Ring Runes easier. Before that, some of the game items will help a lot to get more Runes. So it would be best if you got them first:


Gold-Pickled Fowled Foot

● Players using the Gold-Pickled Fowled Foot Can get 30% more Runes in 3 minutes.

● To get Gold-Pickled Fowled Foot, Players need to acquire the recipe first. The recipe can be purchased from an NPC named Patches.

● This NPC can be found at Murkwater Cave or Scenic Isle, and Players can purchase the Missionary’s Cookbook 2 from him and learn to craft Gold-Pickled Fowled Foot.

● Players can craft Gold-Pickled Fowled Foot through the recipe by the mats Rowa Fruit ×3, Four-Toed Fowl Foot ×1, and Gold Firefly ×1.


Gold-Pickled Fowled Foot


Gold Scarab Talisman

● When equipped with Gold Scarab Talisman, players will get approximately 20% more Runes for defeating enemies.

● To get the Gold Scarab Talisman, Players need to go to Abandoned Cave. Which can be found at the east of Smoldering Wall. Players will find a cave with a Site of Grace at the entrance,

● Travel to the end of the cave, players will need to defeat two bosses and then loot the Gold Scarab Talisman.


Gold Scarab Talisman


After collecting both items to help farm Runes fast, we can start our farming travel. Here we listed two methods to farm Runes. Both ways are easy and have no risk.


The first way is that you can travel to Impassable Greatbridge. You will find there are two kinds of mobs here, Some human soldiers and dragons. Ride your horse and run to pull all of them. And then run back to The Site of grace, You will find the mobs fight each other hard, and you can get the Runes Elden Ring dropped. So now you can just sit down there and take a cup of coffee. Wait for them to complete the fight. It always will be done in 1-2 minutes. Around 3000 Runes can be obtained.


Impassable Greatbridge


The second way can get Runes faster. Players can travel to Lenne’s Rise. You can travel to The Third Church of Marika. after you get there, Run to the Northeast, and you can find a portal. Go into the portal. The Lenne’s Rise will be in the Southeast. Once you get to Lenne’s Rise, run toward the bridge. The game prepared some Amazing examine here. A big iron ball will spawn behind you. You just need to stay away from it and let it drop to the cliff. Then you will get 1900 Runes. With Gold Scarab Talisman and Gold-Pickled Fowled Foot, you can even get more Runes each time. There are two balls here. Both can get Runes once you avoid them. Is it very easy? But there are still has risks. Once you can’t avoid the ball, you will die. So we suggest only doing the first ball. Even if you are dead, you can run back to pick up the Runes fast. You can do it again and again by resting at the Site of grace.


The Third Church of Marika


Lenne’s Rise


Those are the two ways we provided to farm Runes. However, You will need tons of Elden Ring Runes after the earlier game. From level 100 to 101, it costs 60000 Runes to level up. Will cost more when higher level. You will need to spend lots of time farming Runes in-game if you want to skip those boring farming things. You can come to MmoGah. We provide cheap Elden Ring Runes, Elden Ring Items, Weapon, Armor, Ash of war, Talisman, and so on. You can save your time focusing on fighting with bosses and a lot of things waiting for you to explore.

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