Elden Ring Guide: How to Earn Runes Quickly

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You've started your journey through the Lands Between in Elden Ring, but your rune supply is running low. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Elden Ring runes are the lifeblood of progress in the game, letting you level up your character freely. While defeating enemies and bosses will get your runes, you can use a few other methods to boost your rune earnings and gain levels fast.


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In this guide, we'll show you the ultimate ways to farm runes quickly and efficiently, so you can become an Elden Lord in no time. Whether you're in Limgrave, Liurnia, or deep in the Mountaintops of the Giants, we've found the best runes farming spots and techniques to have you leveling up rapidly on your journey through the Lands Between. So, grab your weapon of choice, chug an FP flask, and let's get farming.


How to Farm Runes in Elden Ring

You want to earn more Runes in Elden Ring to level your character and buy better gear. Well, you've come to the right place. Here are some of the methods to farm Runes in the Lands Between:


One of the easiest methods is to defeat enemies that repeatedly drop a good number of runes. Some of the best for this is the Vulgar Militia around Gatefront ruins. These guys are relatively easy to defeat and drop around 1,000 runes each. You can easily rack up 10,000-20,000 runes in 30 minutes of farming here.


Another great spot is the Palace Approach Ledge Road in Leyndell. Here you'll find a knight and a troll that drop 4,000 and 2,000 runes, respectively. The best part is they're right next to a Site of Grace, so you can defeat them, rest, and repeat. You can get over 100,000 runes an hour with the right build.


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For higher-level players, one of the most efficient methods is to repeatedly defeat the Albinauric archers on the slope leading to the Haligtree. These enemies drop around 2,000 runes each, with over 20 of them. You can get 200,000 runes in just 15-20 minutes of farming here.


The key is to find enemies that drop a lot of runes relative to their difficulty and that you can defeat quickly. Keep at it, and you'll swim in runes in no time. Now get out there, Tarnished, and start farming.


The Best Run Farming Locations in Elden Ring

You must find the best farming locations to earn runes fast in Elden Ring. Here are a few of the spots:


Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave

The Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave is an easy early-game location. The enemies here are low-level, so that you can take them out quickly for 100-200 runes each. Stick to the main road and ruins, taking out the soldiers and dogs. In a few minutes, you'll have a couple of thousand runes.


Liurnia of the Lakes

Once you reach Liurnia of the Lakes, head to the Third Church of Marika. The enemies in this area drop over 1,000 runes each, with tons of them. Start at the Site of Grace, head down the hill, and remove the trolls and soldiers. Then, circle back up the other side, clearing out more enemies along the path. You can easily get 10,000-20,000 runes per run.


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Palace Approach Ledge-Road

For mid-game, the Palace Approach Ledge-Road in Altus Plateau is ideal. The bird enemies here drop around 2,000 runes each. Start at the Site of Grace and sneak up behind the first bird for a backstab. Then, continue up the path, dropping down to the lower area to take out more birds. With the right strategy, you can get 40,000-60,000 runes in just a few minutes.


Keep exploring, and you'll find even more lucrative rune-farming locations in Elden Ring. With the variety of options, you'll be racking up runes to level up your character and buy items quickly in Elden Ring. Happy hunting, Tarnished.


Enemy Types that Drop Large Amounts of Runes


Bosses, especially main story bosses, will get you a ton of runes upon defeat. These include enemies like:






Defeating them will reward you with thousands of runes to level your character. While challenging, the rewards are well worth it.


Caravan Enemies

The large caravans pulled by trolls that roam the open world are filled with enemies that drop many runes when defeated.

Dispatch the troll pulling the caravan first, then beat the enemies inside like the Vulgar Militia. These caravans respawn, so you can repeatedly farm them for runes.



The ghostly Revenants that appear at night drop many runes for the challenge they pose. While difficult to defeat due to their aggressive moves and ability to disappear and reappear, if you time your attacks right after they materialize, you can take them down. They drop around 1,000 runes upon death, so defeating a few Revenants can go a long way.


Rune Bears

The massive Rune Bears found in the open world, especially near ruins and caves, drop many runes. They have health and are hit hard, so be prepared for a lengthy fight.


If you can dodge their attacks and get behind them, you'll have an easier time defeating them. Dropping around 3,000 runes each, Rune Bears are worth hunting if you want to gain levels quickly.


With the variety of formidable enemies that drop thousands of runes, you'll be well on your way to gaining levels and becoming an Elden Lord in no time. Keep at it, Tarnished, and don't give up.


Side Quests That Reward You with Runes

One of the best ways to earn runes in Elden Ring is by completing side quests. These optional quests are given to you by various NPCs throughout the Lands Between. Completing their requests will reward you handsomely with runes and often rare items or weapons. To learn about the most underrated weapons in all builds, visit the link. Some of the most rewarding side quests include:


Ranni's Questline: This lengthy quest by the Lunar Princess Ranni will have you exploring much of Liurnia and beyond. Completing all parts of her request will get you over 100,000 runes.


Diallos' Questline: Your friend Diallos has several tasks for you that involve helping others tarnished in Liurnia. Finishing his quest line will reward you with valuable items and over 50,000 runes.


Volcano Manor Requests: The demi-humans of Volcano Manor need help to assassinate certain targets across the Lands Between. Completing requests from the Manor will provide you with assassin tools, spells, and over 200,000 runes in total.


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Millicent's Questline: The valiant swordswoman Millicent needs your aid in discovering the source of her scarlet rot affliction. Helping her in this personal quest will grant you her prosthetic arm, an ancient dragon-smithing stone, and 80,000 runes.

While the rewards of runes and items are appealing, the side quests themselves often reveal interesting backstories and lore about the characters and world of Elden Ring. They provide context that helps bring the Lands Between to life.


For any tarnished looking to grow in power and obtain a deeper knowledge of the world around them, taking on side quests is highly recommended.


Utilizing Golden Rune Items, You Find

As you search the Lands Between, you'll come across golden runes of various sizes that can be used to gain runes (experience points) and level up your character. These runes are a quick and easy way to gain runes without defeating enemies or completing quests.


The smallest golden runes, like:

Golden Rune (1) will give you 100 runes. As the number in the name increases, so do the runes gained.

Golden Rune (5) provides 500 runes.

Golden Rune (10) gives 1,000 runes. 

Golden Rune (12) awards a whopping 12,000 runes when utilized.


To use a golden rune, open your inventory and select the rune you want to activate. Your rune count in the top right of the screen will increase immediately. Now you can level up your character by visiting a Site of Grace. Choose the "Level Up" option and allocate your new runes to the attributes you want to improve, like Vigor, Mind, or Strength.


Golden runes are especially useful in the early game when runes are harder to come by, and leveling up takes fewer runes. Pop a few of the smaller golden runes to quickly gain a level or two and get an edge on enemies. As you progress into mid-game and beyond, save the larger golden runes to help push you over the edge to the next level when you're close to leveling up.


Every rune counts in Elden Ring, so be sure to use all the golden runes you find to gain valuable runes and make leveling up your character that much easier. Look for golden runes as you explore.


To earn runes in Elden Ring, you must complete various tasks and defeat enemies. Here are some of the ways to farm runes:


Defeat Bosses and Mini-Bosses

The largest lump sums of runes come from defeating major bosses and mini-bosses. These include story bosses, optional bosses, and world bosses. Focus on exploring to find and defeat as many as possible.


Clear Dungeons and Catacombs

Dungeons and catacombs contain many enemies in a small area, allowing you to quickly earn a high volume of runes. Be on the lookout for dungeons and catacombs as you explore, and clear them out for a big payday. Some of the best for rune farming include:

Stormveil Castle

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel

Siofra River Well


Farm Enemy Camps

Certain areas contain high concentrations of enemies that respawn when you rest at a place of Grace. Repeatedly defeating these enemies is an easy way to rack up runes. Some of the best enemy camps for farming include:

Bestial Sanctum in Caelid: Contains much vulgar militia that awards over 1,000 runes each.

Palace Approach Ledge-Road in Altus Plateau: The bird enemies here award over 2,000 runes each and respawn quickly.

Mohgwyn Palace Approach in the Consecrated Snowfield: The albinauric archers' award over 3,000 runes each.


Use Rune Boosting Equipment

Equip gear that boosts the number of runes earned to maximize your farming. The Golden Scarab talisman increases runes achieved by 20%. The Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot consumable also temporarily enables runes to be earned quickly. Using these together can significantly increase your rune acquisition.

With these tips, you'll earn hundreds of thousands of runes per hour and level up your character in no time. Keep at it, Tarnished, and good luck on your journey to become Elden Lord.



So, there you have all about earning runes, the ultimate guide to achieving runes in Elden Ring. With these tips and strategies, you'll level up quickly and take on all the challenges the Lands Between offers. Whether you prefer farming enemies, completing quests, or taking advantage of the multiplayer features, there are plenty of ways to earn runes. Get out there, tarnished, and show the world what you're made of. The runes and glory await. What are you waiting for? Adventure calls. If you want to learn more articles about Elden Ring, then visit the site.












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