Elden Ring Best Shields and How to Get Them

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If you're looking to take on the treacherous paths of the Elden Ring and survive, then having a plan is essential. You'll need a trusty weapon or two, armor, and some consumables. One critical piece of equipment your adventuring party should have is a shield.


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Shields protect you from enemy attacks, whether a fiery blast or an incoming arrow. But not all shields are created equal; some provide better protection than others. In this article, we'll be discussing the best shields available in Elden Ring and how you can acquire them.


We'll review all types of shields, small bucklers, large tower shields, and everything in between and discuss the materials needed to craft them. So, sharpen your swords and get ready; we've got shields to find. Furthermore, you can buy Elden Ring items to gain advantages when playing the game.


What Are Elden Ring Shields? 

If you're finding a way to protect yourself in the world of Elden Ring, then you're in the right place. This article will assist you with the best shields and how to acquire them.


In the world of Elden Ring, you'll need to protect yourself if you want to survive the many threats that your journey will present. Shields are your best bet for blocking physical damage and defending yourself against blows that could knock you down. Luckily, there are plenty of shields to choose from – we've presented a selection of our favorites below, as well as details on acquiring them.


How Do These Shields Help You to Prevent Enemies?

Identifying the Best Shields

When it comes to choosing the best shields in Elden Ring, it comes down to what's best for your play style. Do you prefer a heavy shield with superior protection but slower movement? Or would you rather have a light shield that provides less coverage but allows for greater mobility?


Here are some of the best shields in Elden Ring:

Dragonbone Shield is great for heavy attacks and blocking, with high damage resistance and moderate mobility. It can be obtained by defeating the dragon at Bandai Well.


Silver Eagle Shield offers excellent defense against Magic and Fire attacks while allowing decent mobility. It can be obtained by completing the Lordran Hamlet quest.


Crystal Wing Shield – This light shield has low defense but high agility, making it perfect for fast-paced combat. It can be found in Cheydinhal's Anvil Castle.


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Ultimately, it's up to you which one of these shields works best for your preferred play style, as they all offer unique advantages in battle.


How to Acquire These Shields in the Game?

Getting the best shields in Elden Ring can be challenging, but with some know-how, you'll be in the thick of it in no time.


Forge It Yourself

An excellent way to acquire the best shields is to craft them yourself. You will need various supplies, materials, and a high-level blacksmith to complete the job.

You can find blacksmiths in some remote regions, or they may appear sporadically throughout your journey. Once you locate one, they can craft any shield you want if you provide them with the components. Forging your shields is one way around having to search for them during your journey.


Buy Them from Merchants

Merchants are another excellent source for acquiring shields and other weapons. There are plenty of them scattered throughout the game, so if you're willing to part with some gold, you're sure to find what you need from vendors who carry these items. The only downside is that these are rare drops from monsters that only respawn sometimes, so if what you're looking for is available later, searching around should yield some results eventually.


Strategies for Using Shields in Combat

Using shields in the world of Elden Ring is essential; it's one of the most critical strategies for surviving the rigors of combat. So, here are some tips and strategies on how to acquire the most out of your shields:


Block and Retaliate

The most crucial aspect of shield use is knowing when to block and when to retaliate. Blocking will reduce the damage you take from attacks, while retaliating should be done after a successful block, giving your enemy a brutal hit and putting them off balance.


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Move Around

If you want to avoid taking damage from enemies, then moving around when attacking or blocking can be a good strategy. Doing so makes it harder for enemies to hit you accurately, reducing overall damage.


Adapt Your Shield to Your Play Style

The type of shield you use can make a big difference in your success in combat. Heavy shields, like great shields, provide extra protection but might slow down your mobility; light shields, like bucklers, are more delicate but offer less protection. So, selecting the right shield style based on your preferred playstyle is essential.


By using these strategies and selecting the correct shield for your playing style, you'll have everything you need before entering battle; remember, blocking and retaliating correctly will go a long way toward helping you survive.


Boss Strategies Using Shields

So, you want to know the best shields in Elden Ring and how to acquire them? Look no further; we've got you covered. Before starting, you should see the importance of Runes, as they help you unlock lots of new stuff to make your character powerful.


Therefore, purchasing some Elden Ring runes may help you grow faster and enjoy the new content.


When it comes to the best shields, five stand out; here's the list:

Visitor's Shield

Rusted Shield (Urtheim)

Balder Shield

Silver Eagle Kite Shield

Dragon Crest Shields


These are all great shields for defensive play, with varying degrees of weight and durability; choosing one is entirely up to you and your play style.


Visitor's Shield

The Visitor's Shield can be acquired from the Shrine of Violation merchant in the Riverhouse Ruins, located just east of Lothric Castle within the High Wall of Lothric area. This shield has a high defense in physical and elemental damage areas, making it very useful in battle.


Rusted Shield (Urtheim)

The Urtheim Rusted Shield is one of two rusted shields that can be acquired in Elden Ring. This shield can be found on a corpse near a fountain in Forossa's Greatsword forest areas; once found, it opens up more strategies for players when engaging enemies. Balder Shield Type-3ra1 +3

The Balder Shield type-3ra1 +3 can be found after defeating Vordt of The Boreal Valley boss in Archdragon Peak's Dragonslayers monastery area. It has a relatively low weight making it easy to maneuver with, and offers decent physical damage protection as well as lightning damage protection.


Tips to Upgrade Your Shield

Upgrading your shield can be a great way to ensure you're better protected during battles in Elden Ring. Are you still trying to find where to start? Here are a few tips and strategies that can help when it comes to enhancing your shield.


Crafting Upgrade Materials

The first thing to do is craft upgrade materials, which you can use to make your shield more powerful. You'll need different types of material for every kind of upgrade for your shields, so be sure you have the right resources before trying to upgrade.


Upgrading Your Shield

After having all the materials, head to the blacksmith and choose "Shield" from the selection menu. You'll then be able to select the specific type of shield upgrade you want: increased damage reduction, attack power, etc.


Finding Shields

If you're looking for a specific shield or want something stronger than what you currently have, there are plenty of places in Elden Ring to find them. You can find them in chests scattered throughout the game world, buy them from NPCs or merchants, or even get them as quest rewards.


Upgrading your shields isn't rocket science; you must know where and how to look for materials and protection upgrades. With these tips, you're ready to get out there and start fortifying yourself against enemies in Elden Ring.


The Best Shields

These shields come in various sizes and shapes, with some appearing far more practical than others. There's an old church door, a big slab of stone, a giant insect head, or many other defensive implements that can only be loosely described as shields for every sensible-looking shield in the game. Aside from that, shields are fantastic and can be incorporated into various builds. The five best shields in Elden Ring are as follows:


Great Gray Wolf Shield

The Great Gray Wolf Shield is said to be the strongest shield in the game, offering superior protection against all afflictions. It can be acquired near the endgame by completing a challenge.


Keeper's Shield of Endurance

The Keeper's Shield of Endurance is a powerful shield that can absorb massive damage. It can be found beneath a cliff on the far east side of The Ringed City DLC.


Silver Knights Shield

The Silver Knights Shield is another excellent option for players seeking extra protection against enemies. It can be found near Farron Keep bonfire or the Heirs' Chambers bonfire in the Cathedral of the Deep.


Dragon Crest Shield

This powerful shield has high fire defense and magic absorption capabilities, making it one of the best picks for those seeking extra protection from magical attacks. It can be acquired by defeating Dragonslayer Ornstein in Anor Londo or off one of his assistants, Gwynevere Princess.


Tower Kite Shield

The Tower Kite Shield has great defensive stats, making it ideal and best for those looking for something durable yet lightweight. You can acquire it off Horace, located just outside Firelink Shrine, or off Siegward near the Cleansing Chapel in Cathedral of The Deep.



Overall, each shield is unique and provides different advantages and advantages. It is essential to explore the game world, read item descriptions, and talk to NPCs to acquire the best shields and obtain the necessary facts to use them optimally in Elden Ring. Furthermore, some shields, such as magic, grant special abilities and require special conditions.


Please pay attention to detail in your journey to acquire the best shields in the game and take full advantage of them as you battle through various bosses and enemies in Elden Ring. So, if anyone of you wants to acquire Elden Ring items in a secure way quickly and easily, head over to MMOGAH today for everything from shields to runes.












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