MmoGah Made Some Improvements on Animal Crossing Item sales

By Anna2021-05-14

Along with New Horizons' free update on April 28th, players are gifted a single-use May Day Ticket granting access to a special island - a different destination to the one seen last year - housing special rewards, which would make Animal Crossing more interesting and attractive. What surprises you more is that our MmoGah website has also made some changes with the times as the game is updated. Please continue reading, and the following content will not let you down.


The Reasons of the Improvements


New Horizons is a masterclass in keeping you hooked. Players often say that each time they begin to ask why, a new feature is unlocked, or a mysterious new villager arrives to inform them of some new thing they can do. The changes in seasons bring fresh fishing and bug-catching opportunities, and new events are announced every other week. June is all about photography. New Horizons is both engrossing and ethical.


Therefore, we firmly believe that Animal Crossing will become hotter, so we hope that through the optimization of the page, our customers can buy their favorite items easily at any time. As we always commit to providing a high-quality shopping experience for our customers.



The Details of the Improvements


Added Categories

The Items in Animal Crossing are of great significance. If you want to go further in the game, you will be required to collect Animal Crossing Items. They can be used to build a strong character and gain a good gameplay experience. The items are divided into categories like Tools, Theme, Plant, Model, Materials, Furniture, Fossil, Decoration, Clothing, Apparel, and more. And many small items are unique to each category.


In order to help you find the items you want quickly, we have set up the item categories. As shown in the figure below, click on the clothing category, and you can see the Accessories, Bags, Bottoms, and other categories.


Animal Crossing Categories


Click on each small category, such as Accessories, and you can expand all the items that belong to it.


Animal Crossing Accessories


        Added Color Classification

Here we take Flower Sunglasses as an example. As shown in the picture, you can choose the color you like.


Animal Crossing Color Classification


Added Real and Fake Art

As shown in the picture below, you can also choose real or fake artworks when buying.


Animal Crossing Real and Fake Art


We would like to give you some warm tips about real and fake artworks:

The real art can be donated to the Museum, provided that it's genuine. It can also be used as a normal furniture item to be displayed in your home.


Fake forgery versions of Artwork in Animal Crossing - New Horizons are essentially useless besides decoration as Blathers will not accept such art pieces for donations to the Museum. They can't be sold at Nook's Cranny either, so you'll need to use a trash furniture item to completely remove fake art. But Fake art is worth hanging onto and displaying in your home or island. Not only because they have some novel differences to make as a fun addition to your home, but fake art often has another unique quality - they can be haunted.


To bring a more comfortable and happy shopping experience for our customers, we made the above improvements on Animal Crossing Items product page. And we would continue to optimize and improve our website in order to achieve more breakthroughs. Currently, Animal Crossing Items, Nook Miles Ticket, and Animal Crossing Bells are for sale on MmoGah, the prices of which are pretty low. You can also enjoy great discounts when you become our VIP member.


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