• Animal Crossing New Horizons - 5 Updates and Changes in May
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    In the Animal Crossing™: New Horizons game, time moves along just like in real life. This means that seasons will change, different bugs and fish may hang out on your island, and some fun events are on the horizon.


    There's a brand new update in Animal Crossing that has introduced many different changes happening throughout the month. And many different seasonal changes are happening for northern and southern hemisphere players as well. Today, our MmoGah website will explain in detail all the updates and changes for you.


    How To Participate in the Events

    To participate in the events, you'll need to download a free update available on April 28. It's quite possible that your game has already updated itself, but anyway it's easy to check. You just need to select the game's icon on the HOME Menu, press the + Button, and select Software Update (internet connection required). If you need to update, you may be asked to restart the game. Once you're all updated, just jump back to your island.


    If it's the day of an event but the event doesn't turn up for you, don't fret. Try restarting the game while connecting to the internet. Please note that changing your system clock won't trigger the events to happen.


    Animal Crossing May 5 Updates and Changes


    1) Events 

    Take a look at the events in the month of May. The latest event that we got in 1.10 update is basically the same as what we got last year, but it is kind of fresh for players who enjoyed them last time around, and enjoyable for new players as well.


    The main events this month are the Mayday tour. It's a celebration of the start of the month, along with your hard work, and runs from May 1 - 7. 


    On May 18th, you can enjoy international museum day when you'll be able to run around through your museum and collect different stamps. This will help you get some prizes from blabbers like the little plaques that you can see on top of the museum exhibit doors.


    This time around in 2021, there is one significant change with this particular event that you'll actually be able to get stamps from the art museum for the first time, so it's nothing too crazy in terms of new content for these events that have been updated, but it does give you something new to do, especially if you didn't play the game last year in May. These events are a lot of fun, so I highly recommend playing through them and getting all the different prizes that you can. It's cool to see that they're updating the events and making them fresh last month. Check out these events if you want to.



    2) New Seasonal Items 

    There are a whole ton of new seasonal items which you can collect through the seasonal shopping menu this month in May. Most notably, we've had the children's day items released: the carp banner and the newsprint helmet, which players can now get within their game.


    Animal Crossing Children's Day


      As of May 1 until May 31, you can get some brand new items for mother's day.


    Animal Crossing Mother's Day


    One of the items - thank-you mom mug is from the last year, which was the very first seasonal item we ever got.


    And there's also the brand new carnations item.


    Animal Crossing Carnations Item


    Sadly, this item doesn't work like the actual flowers in the previous game, but you could get carnations and plant them around your island like regular flowers. And at this time around, there is a little decorative basket that you can get.


    Also, later on in the month, we're going to have a rolling cheese event which will give us the double Gloucester cheese. If you like cheese, it will be a new food item that you can unlock later on in the month.


    May doesn't have too many new seasonal items, but I think it has very cool ones. Besides, there'll be even more seasonal items that you can unlock in June. Make sure to purchase these before they go away. The children's day items will leave very soon, but you do have much longer time to get the mother's day items.



    3) Southern Hemisphere Mushroom Season

    For those of you in the southern hemisphere, the mushroom season has officially begun and will last until the end of the month. Now I believe that mushroom season is absolutely the best seasonal event happening in animal crossing new horizons, overall it's a time when you can get brand new mushrooms and collect them. They're a new sort of crafting resource, but you can also sell them for a really good profit if you want, and you can also use them to craft brand new mushroom DIYs. These items are so cool, like the mushroom parasol and the log and the lamps. I think these items look really great on an island, especially natural islands. So I recommend going out there and collecting all the different mushroom types and getting your hands on all the new DIYs. The only struggle is that the DIYs are only through balloons, which can be kind of tricky, but I recommend taking the time to get them. Because these are absolutely some of the best new items in the entire game. Make sure you get your hands on the mushroom items before the end of May, and you definitely won't regret it since they are great.



    4) Young Spring Bamboo Ending

    May is officially the last month for young spring bamboo for northern hemisphere players, and this is the very last time that northern hemisphere players can get their hands on the young spring bamboo. I recommend getting these recipes, which you'll be able to get from balloons. It's very cool for the different items that you can get, like the bamboo basket. And all the other bamboo-themed items you can get in the game need to craft with the young spring bamboo. Another cool item that's going to require young spring bamboo is the little green leaf pil, which is a recipe that I believe Isabel should actually give you. If you didn't get that one last year, you should be able to get it this year. The main reason why I wanted to bring this up is that it is the last month when northern hemisphere players can get this. Of course, it'll be coming up sooner for southern hemisphere players after that, so keep an eye out. But you've still got quite a few months until you can unlock it. Please make sure you get young spring bamboo before May 31st, when it'll go away and be replaced with summer shells in June.



    5) New Bugs Fish and Sea Creatures

    With every single month in animal crossing new horizons, there are new bugs, fish, and sea creatures to collect. Make sure you go out there and collect them, especially if this is your first time getting some of these. Once they're gone, and you might have to wait an entire year to get your hands on them again. May is coming up to the summer season in animal crossing new horizons for northern hemisphere players, so very soon, you'll be able to catch some of the really exciting expensive bugs and sharks. Sadly, May is kind of that middle month when none of the catches are amazing, but there are definitely some notable ones in the ocean, and also things that you can dive for. So I recommend going out there and seeing what you can catch.


    Animal Crossing New Bugs Fish


    I hope you enjoyed checking out these five updates and changes that are happening within May. I definitely have high hopes for the month. And there are a lot of really exciting changes happening in summer.


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