• OSRS Money Making Guide: Stronghold of Security
    By Nancy G2018-05-25 00:00:00

    The Stronghold of Security is a dungeon of Old School RuneScape, which was found in Barbarian Village, just west of Varrock. The dungeon includes four different levels filled with aggressive monsters from levels 5 to 159. Now the Professional Online Gaming Site MmoGah will show you Money Making Guide of this dungeon.


    The doors are styled and named to match the floor you are on. Between each set of doors is an empty space, which no monsters can harm you. There are also portals leading to the reward room, but can only be used if your Combat level is high enough or the reward on that floor has been claimed.



    There are four levels, which become progressively harder than the previous floor. At the end of each level, a reward room provides a unique emotes and one-time reward of RS Gold. It is possible for an unarmed level 3 to complete the Stronghold, but decent food is recommended for the more challenging floors.


    - Vault of War

    The first level is occupied by Rats, Wolves, Goblins, and Minotaurs, which drop the right skull to the skull scepter. The last room includes the gift of Peace, which rewards you with 2,000 OSRS Gold and the "Flap" emote.


    - Catacomb of Famine

    The second level is occupied by Flesh Crawlers, Giant Rats, and Zombies, which drop the bottom of scepter to the skull scepter. Killing flesh crawlers is a welcome money making way for low levels because valuable herb drops frequently. The last room includes the Grain of Plenty, which rewards you with 3,000 gold and the "Slap Head" emote.


    - Pit of Pestilence

    The third level is occupied by Spiders, Scorpions, Giant Spiders and Catablepon, which drop the top of scepter to the skull scepter. The giant spiders are aggressive to any level and do little damage. The last room contains the Box of Health, which rewards you with 5,000 gold and the “Idea” emote. The chest also provides a full stat restore when opened.


    -Sepulcher of Death

    The final level is occupied by Skeletons, Shades, 159 Zombie, Ghosts and Ankou, which drop the left skull to the skull scepter. The final room includes the Cradle of Life, which rewards you with the "Stamp" emote and you can choose either the fancy boots or the fighting boots.



    - Reward rooms

    When you complete the Stronghold of Security, you will be provided a one-time reward of 10,000 Old School RuneScape Gold as well as four unique emotes, besides you can choose either a pair of fancy boots or a pair of fighting boots. Completing each level of the Stronghold of Security allows you to use the portals which was found at the beginning of each level. These portals teleport the individual to the reward room of the respective floor directly.

    - Skull Scepter

    Another possible reward from the Stronghold of Security is the Skull scepter, which teleports you to the entrance of the stronghold in Barbarian Village. In order to craft the skull scepter, players must first obtain four untradeable pieces dropped within the stronghold.


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