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How to Get Oakensoul Ring in ESO

Oakensoul Ring is a new Mythic item added to The Elder Scrolls Online with the launch of the High Isle Chapter. The ring grants a character many powerful Major and Minor buffs but limits them to use only one skill bar. It is a great item for average players or people wanting a simplified build. In this guide, MmoGah, your reliable source for cheap ESO gold and items, shares the five locations where you can find the Leads to assemble the Oakensoul Ring. 

How to Get Oakensoul Ring in ESO - Oakensoul Ring update 35

The Oakensoul Ring provides many important buffs to the wearer


First of all, to get Oakensoul Ring, players must have the High Isle Expansion. Second, like the other Mythic items in ESO, the ring can only be obtained by completing Antiquity hunts, using your Scrying skills and Excavation skills. To unlock these skills, people must have the Greymoor Chapter and complete the introductory quest for the Antiquities system. You also need to have the Scrying skill and the Excavation skill lines at least rank 7 to scry and dig for master-level leads.


Oakensoul Ring Lead Locations

To obtain the Oakensoul Ring, you need to find its five Leads. Below are the Lead locations for the Oakensoul Ring:


Lead 1: Igneous Inlays 

Igneous Inlays is a random drop people can get for completing the Volcanic Vent Dolmens in the High Isle.

How to Get Oakensoul Ring in ESO - Igneous Inlays Lead location



Lead 2: Larimar Gems

Larimar Gems is a random drop from the Titanclaw World Boss at the Mudcrab Beach in the Stormheaven Zone.

How to Get Oakensoul Ring in ESO  - Larimar Gems Lead location

Lead 3: Petrified Oak Loop

You can steal the Petrified Oak Loop from Strongboxes in the zone of Murkmire, so the Murkmire DLC is required.

How to Get Oakensoul Ring in ESO - Petrified Oak Loop Lead location

Lead 4: Sacred Resin

Sacred Resin drops from any monster or Humanoid in the zone of Malabal Tor, and the area circled in red has a high mob density.

How to Get Oakensoul Ring in ESO - Sacred Resin Lead location


Lead 5: Stone Shank Frame

Stone Shank Frame can be obtained by farming Blacksmithing ore nodes in Glenumbra.

How to Get Oakensoul Ring in ESO - Stone Shank Frame Lead location


Each of these Leads will bring you to the dig site in High Isle, in which you can excavate the fragment for the ring. When you excavate all of the fragments, the Oakensoul Ring will appear in your inventory. 


You can also follow Deltia's Gaming to find the Leads for the Oakensoul Ring:


How to get Oakensoul | ESO High Isle Mythic


That is how to get the Leads for the Oakensoul Ring in The Elder Scrolls Online. For more useful news and guides, please stay tuned to MmoGah, a professional site providing gold, items, and power leveling service for ESO


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